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By Rixen/Dumeera on Mar 27, 2017 at 11:39 AM
Last Thursday's Conquest night proved for a very fun night when we teamed up with <Celestial Argonaughts> to take down the Alderaan World Boss, Ulgo Siegebreaker. This is a video they put together and forwarded on to us of their own RP-PVE run on Alderaan and Ilum. Some very nice video and editing skills right here, very enjoyable to watch, and some really great shots of people's toons. Take a look! <3


Looks badass! Now I wish I hadn't passed out before hand. Not sure what the hell has been up with my sleep schedule. Lately it seems most of the time I'm lucky to get 4 hours except for that one day a week when I catch up.
this is awesome! and quite nice. more bell hats plz

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