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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Feb 15, 2012)
I've been up 12 hours and I'm already tired
(Feb 15, 2012)
At this point I've been awake for 45 hours and in those 45 hours I've consumed more coffee than the past two weeks.
(Feb 13, 2012)
The dailies what the do and why htey are nice
(Feb 12, 2012)
Posted the Guild Meeting report and unleashed some very noticable changes to the page layout.
(Feb 12, 2012)
Bioware needs to move "Remove from Guild" away from "Set Member Note" or at least put a confirmation box in when removing a member. Cause, you know..oops..
(Feb 10, 2012)
Changed ranking system to a naval style. Ranks: ({Recruit -> Member} -> Petty Officer ->Warrant Officer) -> [Ensign -> Lieutenant -> Captain -> Vice Admiral -> Admiral (Guildmaster)]. If you have any changes/suggestions please let me know!
(Feb 07, 2012)
i've changed alot of things around on the main page and elsewhere, like the changes or hate em?
(Feb 04, 2012)
Just got it last night
(Feb 03, 2012)
Emeria and I are level 50. Up next is Andarta!
(Jan 28, 2012)
Weekend maintenance for "Improved service to reduce the number of player disconnections to the character selection screen." ? Lame.
(Jan 27, 2012)
LMAO well thats sucks, I think RedQueen reads better though. soo no harm done?
(Jan 26, 2012)
Customer Support just contacted me and told me I had to change two character names. TheRedQueen was bad because of "The" and Godhead'sLament was too religious for them.
(Jan 17, 2012)
We need to check out Outlaws den in tat
(Jan 15, 2012)
No way
(Jan 15, 2012)