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RP Stories
Purpose: This is to highlight important guild lore. You will see game events in italics and guild events in non-italics.

  • BBY = Before the Battle of Yavin
  • BTC = Before the Treaty of Coruscant
  • ATC = After the Treaty of Coruscant

3,681 BBY (28 BTC)
Sith Empire returns from deep space to launch the most calculated military assault in Republic history. The Great Galactic War begins.

3,671 BBY (18 BTC)
The Battle of Bothawui

3,667 (14 BTC)
Imperial Intelligence lays the groundwork that will eventually earn the allegiance of many underworld organizations, including the Mandalorians

3,661 BBY (8 BTC)
With a new Mandalore, the Mandalorians establish the Hydian Way Blockade

3,660 BBY (7 BTC)
Hylo Visz forms a smuggler fleet and, with Republic aid, breaks the Hydian Way Blockade

3,658 BBY (5 BTC)
The Rise of the Red Queen

3,656 BBY (3 BTC)
Vash Kantarus passes away and Red-Queen inherits control of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate

3,655 BBY (2 BTC)
Andarta's Backstory

3,653 BBY (0 ATC)
Idunnr Fails Recruitment
The Sacking of Coruscant
Idunnr Takes the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate
The survivors who go on to form the Space Cowboys
The Sith Empire invades and successfully occupies the Republic capital world, Coruscant.
The Treaty of Coruscant is signed and the Great Galactic War ends.
Cold war begins.

3,652 BBY (1 ATC)
Space Cowboys is formed on Tatooine

3,643 BBY (10 ATC)
The start of SWTOR's character campaigns

3,642 BBY (11 ATC)
The Treaty of Coruscant is broken. Hostilities between the Republic and Empire begin to escalate.

3,640 BBY (13 ATC)
The Space Cowboys are betrayed by the republic.
The Cowboys obtain a stronghold on Tatooine
Murphy's Law
Republic Betrayal
Rise of The Hutt Cartel
Dread Master Arc
Shadow of Revan

3,641 BBY (14 ATC)
The Space Cowboys gain a guild ship
The guild ship gets it's name, Free Candy
Zakuul's emperor dies, Thexan dies. Arcann takes over

3,642 BBY (15 ATC)
Treaties are forged between the Zakuul and the Republic/Imps. Both now pay tribute to Zakuul
Zakuul places Star Fortresses over numerous planets
The Cowboys lose their Tatooine stronghold to Zakuul

3,635 BBY (18 ATC)
Knights of The Fallen Empire
The outlander appears and the alliance is given form
The Space Cowboys help the Outlander take out the Star Fortress' shield
The Cowboys take back their Tatooine stronghold

Here's a like to better understand the galactic standard time scale and here are the names of the months recognized by Galactic Standard, also broken down below.

  • Month 1: Elona
  • Month 2: Kelona
  • Holiday 1: Tapani Day
  • Month 3: Selona
  • Festival Week 1: Expansion Week
  • Month 4: Telona
  • Month 5: Nelona
  • Holiday 2: Productivity Day
  • Month 6: Helona
  • Festival Week 2: Shelova Week
  • Month 7: Melona
  • Month 8: Yelona
  • Holiday 3: Harvest Day
  • Month 9: Relona (The Freeworlds Region of the Tapani Sector also recognizes Relona 10 – 15 as Independence Week.)
  • Month 10: Welona
  • Festival Week 3: Winter Fete

  1. Primeday
  2. Centaxday
  3. Taungsday
  4. Zhellday
  5. Benduday

Time Measurement:
  • 60 seconds = 1 minute
  • 60 minutes = 1 hour
  • 24 hours = 1 day
  • 5 days = 1 week
  • 7 weeks = 1 month
  • 35 days = 1 month
  • 368 days = 1 year
  • 10 months + 3 festival weeks + 3 holidays = 1 year