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RP Stories

Clan Rebaine {Vitrix}
Sor'cha Ylvara
Talkory Coronel
Vera Nash
Zallow Darach

Yasmeen Kretkov {Kiy}
So you would like your story here, here's the guidelines and how-to

Guidelines: We have two basic guidelines, we're not a guild known for strict rigid rules and these follow that pattern.

Rule 1: Keep your story realistic. No you're not the Sith emperor in disguise. No, you cannot become the ruler of the universe. Yes, you could potentially become a high ranking military general ... not the top though. Yes, you could be a famous Jed; council member likely not. Just keep things real.

Rule 2: Don't force other people's characters to do things, yes you can include other peoples characters but you must ask their permission, if you use their characters in a way they deem unfit or dislike we will ask you to remove their character or the story will be removed.

How to post your story
There are two types of posts. The character background and any other continuations of their story. Character back stories are posted in the forums under RP / Character Back-story, other stories may be posted in journals under Community / Journals. Once posted we will read through it and as long as the two guidelines are followed we'll likely have no problem with it and we will post it here with the other stories.

How do I know if my story is of the Redqueen era?
There are a number of easy ways to check.
  • Is Redqueen the leader of the Space Cowboys? No. Then it is of the current era. Yes? Then it is obviously of the Redqueen era.
  • Is the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate still together? No. Then it is of the current era. Yes. Then it is obviously of the previous era.
  • Does your story take place between these years 3,658 BBY (5 BTC) - 3,640 BBY (11 ATC)? No. Then it is of not of the Redqueen era. Yes. Then it is within the Redqueen era.