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About Us
Everyone knows the 3 rules we've had for years: 1. Blame Andarta, 2. Never accept summons from Bribri, and 3. Don't be a dick. But since we've grown and become a more diverse and greater presence on the server, I think it might be time to clarify what it means to be a Space Cowboy.

First and foremost our goal is to be a positive force, and to promote open thinking and the desire to help when possible. This means, essentially, that we simply treat each other with respect, even when it isn't mutual. Remember that when you fly under the Space Cowboys flag, you represent our guild, and we have worked hard to be a positive server presence. Be friendly, be helpful, and above all, be respectful; it is never okay to bring another player down, whether it be their parses or gear, their outfit, or their inexperience. We have never sought to be the 'server first' kind of guild who pushes content and requires high levels of participation, so we shouldn't behave like one; we're the kind of guild that will take you on that KP run even though you're underleveled, undergeared, or have never done the operation before, and we will teach it to you (so long as you make us aware that know you don't know it).

Secondly, know that we have been a no-drama guild for years and with as many members as we've acquired lately, we have to remember that while we certainly aren't all going to get along all the time. It's your prerogative to not like someone but it is NOT reasonable to then bring the guild into your personal feud. Unnecessary drama is draining, it is unwanted, and uncomfortable for everyone involved.

The foundation of our guild is built on camaraderie and the simple desire to treat the game as a game within an 18+ community. Please don't be that one person that ruins it for everyone.

As situations may arise, these rules may be subject to change.