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Welcome to the FAQ Page, hopefully the answer you seek is on this page.

Is there a voice server for the guild?
  • We sure do, we have a Discord server. Instructions for connecting to the server are located here.

Do we have guild meetings?
  • Yes we do--though not on a regular schedule. The guild meeting will be posted within the events calendar. This event will tell you the location, the agenda, and time we will be meeting. Notes for the meeting are transcribed and posted on the website no later than 3 days afterwards but usually closer to the next day. For example this is the posting of an old meeting. and the guild notes here.

I heard about a 'Guild Bank'. Where do I find it and how do I use it?
  • The guild bank is in the north-east quadrant of the fleet, the Galactic Trade Market area. It's in the second room from the right, between the lightside vendor and the speeder/starship vendors. You can access it just like your personal bank except this one has withdrawal limits on items and gives you a weekly credit allowance. These allowances reset every tuesday. ALSO you can find the guild bank, your legacy bank, and a cargo bay along with a GTN, mod station, appearance mod station, and mailbox, all on the guildship in the room you load in to.

How do I get moved up in the guild (promotion)?

Yay! I'm an Enforcer now! Wait.. what does that mean?
  • Becoming a Enforcer is an honorable position and with it comes several new permissions and responsibilities. You can find out what the new permissions are about in-game. Guild Rank In-Game Permissions

I see there is a Guild Meeting coming up, is it mandatory to attend?
  • No it is not mandatory to attend though we hope you choose to do so. Attending meetings allows your voice to more easily be heard and for you to suggest any ideas you may have. We are a very democratic-like guild and guild meetings are just another way for our members to voice their opinions for what they'd like to see.

I know we're a Republic guild but what about my Imperial characters?
  • We are allied with Victorum Mortalis. They are not run by the same people as Space Cowboys, allowing for separate schedules and more available activities when you want to do whatever you want to do. You can get your imperial characters in by searching for a member in the 'who' tab or getting a Space Cowboy to switch over and invite you. You can also sign up on their site, linked above.

What if my question wasn't answered here?
  • Well you can always post a request in The Academy, I'm sure someone will know the answer. You can also ask in-game if you'd like.

If something goes wrong (i.e. world ends, zombie apocalypse, dog runs away, microwave breaks, or any other reason what so ever) who do I blame?
  • You must blame Andarta. It is a mandatory guild rule.

What if Brbri summons me or offers me a sweet offer?
  • Do not accept anything that can not be confirmed especially from Bribri.

Can I be a dick?
  • No.
  • But what if they deserve it?
  • No.
  • But what if they aren't from our guild?
  • No.
  • But but ...
  • No.