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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
Web App!!

Discord can work right in your browser without downloading any client! simply navigate to enter your username and press continue. That's it! Your in and ready to chat with your fellow guildies.

Note that if you already have an account and you are logged in the above url will say "Accept Invite" You just need to click that.


All unicode emojis are supported including skin tone.

Mobile App for Android and iOS

One of the best features in my personal opinion is that of the mobile app. Now you can keep up with guildies in chat while on the go. Most of the same features you have in the web app and desktop versions can be found in the mobile app including Private Messsaging, Text Chat rooms, Voice Chat, as well as the all important feature of notifications so you are notified if you are mentioned in chat or receive a PM or well anything really and it's all adjustable.

Search giphy from discord

Simply type /giphy and your search word and discord will search giphy for your gif.

Speaking of Gifs..

They play right in discord. No more keeping a browser open just for all the links we post! And the gifs only play when your mouse is hovered over them so you don't need to worry about it draining your cpu when your not looking at it.

And the same works for youtube!

We all love posting youtube links. Well now we don't have to have 200 youtube tabs open. We can play youtube videos right from discord!

Posting links is kinda cool too

When you post a link it will give an image from that link as well as a brief snippet from the link.

Unlimited Pow-Capacity!

With Mumble we are limited to the number of slots that we pay for. This means people are encouraged to sign out when not actively participating in chat. Discord has no such limit, well technically it's ... 5000. So you can stay in chat all day every day if you damn well please.

Private Messages

You can directly message your friends and they'll receive these messages on the go if they have the mobile app installed. Need to contact a friend about a raid but don't have their number? Just PM them!

Friends List

So you have a lot of friends you want to keep in touch with? Well there's a list for that for nice quick access.

Persistent Chat Log

Now you can go back and read what you missed last night. Or if you forgot that link your friend posted you can scroll back up and refresh your memory.

Drag and Drop Upload

Want to share an image you have on your PC? All you have to do is drag it onto Discord and it'll take care of it for you.