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Guild Backstory
The survivors escaped the madness brought on by Idunnr and sought refuge on Tatooine. Red was able to recover from her head injuries and destroyed eye thanks to a cybernetics expert who outfitted her with implants. For the first time in her life, she seriously thought about the coming fate of the galaxy. She had seen the evil of the empire first-hand and watched as a young sith destroyed her crime syndicate. The images of that day flashed in her head over and over again. She thought it over and felt certain Idunnr had fallen that day. Andarta even assured her that her ship was still docked just before they left.

Their spice trade was bust, their home destroyed, everything they worked for was gone. For months they scavenged and made trade with the jawas until an unfortunate rumor spread around. The Red Dragon Crime Syndicate had been reborn and was working with the Empire. Their leader: a powerful sith claiming to be the 'Red Dragon' herself. "Could it be?" Red wondered. "Had she survived?" A deep feeling of hatred filled her. She had been made to feel a failure to her late mentor, Vash Kantarus, because of that terrible girl. Revenge wasn't the only thing on her mind, though. She contemplated the support the Red Dragons would have if they truly worked with the Empire. As a kid, Red had run from the Republic to live life on her own terms but now it seemed she would have to go back if she was going to destroy the blight that corrupted Vash's legacy.

Red Queen gathered her remaining followers and began a small speech. "In the past, the Red Dragons had always been a freelance group doing what it wanted, where it wanted. But times have changed..The Red Dragons are back and out of control. They have become no better than the evil Empire, itself; a group that murders and destroys worlds. If we are to go on, we will need to change as well. In order to stop the disgraces that wear the Red Dragon name, we will need to join forces with the Republic under a new banner. We will spread out across the galaxy and rally any who would join the cause. Though we'll be cooperating with the Republic, we'll still be taking down our own enemies, our own way. All through the reaches of space, the Empire will learn to fear fear the Space Cowboys!"