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Guild Backstory
The Imperial shuttle swiftly landed in the hangar of the Red Dragons space station. An unrecognizable ship rested across the room. Someone had decided to pay them a visit, but who? And where was everybody else? The halls appeared to be empty. As they approached the center of the station, the echo of a microphoned voice could be heard. Following the sound lead them to the auditorium where seemingly the entire syndicate had been gathered. Red felt a spark of rage when she realized who was behind the podium.

"The time has come to seek true power! Too long have you been led by cowards and fools," Idunnr instructed the crowd. They didn't seem sure what to think of what was going on.

Red and Dart pushed through the mass of people up to the stage. "What is this!? I told you I never wanted to see your face here again!" Red shouted at her.

"Oh? You made it out of Coruscant? I'm impressed. I thought my imperial friends would have gotten you for sure."

Andarta burst out, "What!? That b**** set us up!"

"What's your scheme, Idunnr? What are you trying to prove?" Red asked.

Idunnr grinned and explained, "You're weak and a fool. You've been holding these men back. They could become so much more!" She turned back to the crowd. "This 'Red Queen' you have been following is unfit to lead! She does not have the will required to succeed in the coming age. A leader must show no mercy! The Empire will soon control the galaxy and if we are to survive we must swear our loyalty to the Emperor! They have already begun their assault on the Republic capital world. If we do not become their ally, then we will become their enemy!"

The group started to chatter amongst themselves. Idunnr's word had gotten into their heads.

"Don't listen to her!" Red said, taking the crowds attention. "This girl is exactly what we've tried to avoid becoming! She allies herself murderers and betrays everyone around her! I was at Coruscant when the attack began, innocent people were being slaughtered with no remorse! Serving the Empire will only make us as evil as they are!"

A voice came through the crowd, "Yeah, what other choice do we have? I'm not gonna sit here and wait for the Empire to bring us down!"

"We've done just fine this far," Andarta defended, "and we'll continue doing so! To hell with the Empire. They'll see we're not so weak!"

"You don't understand just how vulnerable this place is," Idunnr assured, "I've already supplied the Empire with the coordinates of this station and several attack strategies. You will surrender to the Empire or be destroyed."

The crowd of people erupted in an uproar of arguments between those that supported Idunnr and those than remained loyal to the Red Queen. A bottle came flying past Andarta's head and smashed into a wall behind her. A fist met someones face and fights broke out all over the place. Idunnr let out a slight laugh as she watched the chaos build. It didn't take long to escalate and for blasters to get involved. Red and Andarta looked at each other and could tell what they were thinking. "Time to take this b***h down." Andarta said. Red nodded and they pulled out their blasters.

The two sides traded shots but neither made a hit. They dived for cover behind pillars on either side of the stage. Red managed a glance out toward the crowd. People were fighting and dying everywhere. Some were getting out only to end up in a fight elsewhere on the station. She leaned out of cover to fire a few shots at Idunnr but couldn't hit her position. "We need to flush her out," Andarta insisted.

"Rush her on each side. Fast and low," Red replied.

The two broke from behind the pillars and started sprinting. Idunnr popped out of cover and lined a shot on Andarta. Red quickly pulled the trigger of her blaster and sent a bolt into Idunnr's shoulder, forcing her to safety. The station started to rumble; something was wrong.. An explosion went off near the stage, knocking Red Queen to the ground. Andarta quickly looked to see that she was alright and continued her charge at Idunnr. Coming around the corner, she swung her boot forward and right into Idunnr's gut, who dropped to her knees. Dart put her blaster to Idunnr's head.

"You don't have what it takes.." Idunnr said through gritted teeth.

"Oh, you'll find I'm not quite as forgiving as Red is," Andarta told her.

"Imbecile! You've already taken too long!"

A dark red glow surrounded Idunnr. Her arm snapped toward Darts throat and though it didn't reach, it still choked. Dart didn't know what to think. She reached for her neck to try to discover what was preventing her from breathing. The world started to get blurry and dizziness set in. By this time, Red had recovered and was lining up a shot on Idunnr. This action went unnoticed and Andarta was released from her choke hold. Red's blaster was ripped from her hands and tossed across the room. She pulled out a knife and ran at her enemy screaming. Idunnr, with both arms this time, grasped Red with her power and lifted her off the ground. She struggled but it was no use. Sparks shot out of Idunnr's fingers and led a surge into Red's body. The was almost enough to make her black out.

Another explosion went off somewhere in the station, this one bigger than the last. With so much fighting going on the place wasn't going to hold on for much longer. Idunnr sensed this and decided to flee. She used her power to throw Red through a glass panel, broken shards flying everywhere, then took off into the chaos. Andarta caught her breath and struggled to stand up. Through all the gunfire and yelling, she still heard the painful screams coming from Red. She limped over to her and noticed a lot of blood coming from side of her head. She had hit the glass panel really hard and must have suffered a lot of damage. Red wasn't covering the side of her head though, she had her hands over her face. Dart pried one of her hands away so she could see the damaged and gasped when she saw the large shard of glass lodged into Red's eye socket.

Andarta wasn't sure if she could do much to help but it was certain they had to get off the station as soon as possible or it wouldn't matter anyway. She helped Red up to her feet and they slowly made their way back to the hangar. Many fights were still going on along the path but those still loyal came to the aid of the Red Queen. As they loaded up on the stolen Imperial shuttle, Dart noticed Idunnr's ship was still docked. When everyone was aboard, they lifted off and flew away at max speed. Red was a bloody mess but could still see with her good eye. She watched through the rear view port as the station she was supposed to take care of explode into a bright fireball. Her vision got blurry then dark. Andarta could he heard shouting, "--a goddamn Sith!

Before passing out, red whispered to herself, "I'm sorry, Vash..I've failed.."