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Guild Backstory
Red Queen impatiently tapped her foot in the hangar waiting for Andarta to return with the three latest recruits. She had picked up word that a shipment of spice was being moved not far from Hutta and decided the newbies' first test would be to steal it. The mission was taking longer than expected, however.. Could something have gone wrong? Red knew Andarta could handle herself but wasn't sure about the others. The hangars energy door flickered and a ship pulled in. Andarta exited the ship with a look of concern on her face.

"You're late," Red bluntly stated.

"Sorry about that, Red. The mission was a success but we had a.. ah ... had an incident," Andarta replied as she glanced back at the ship. A young rodian walked out of the ship, followed by a twi'lek then a zabrak. Each barely into their twenties.

Red examined them. "What do you mean, 'incident'? Did one of them get hurt?"

"The rodian, that's Doress, and Zenu'sin are fine. The problem was with that little red brat, that there zabrak, said her name is Idunnr. She went and beat a helpless pilot damn near to death during the raid. It took a lot to get her off him, I swear she's on something. A person doesn't simply become that strong. The incident caused the entire ride back to feel strange and cold" Andarta explained.

Red thought for a moment, "Was it provoked?" The Red Dragons needed as many people as possible to maximize their trade but they couldn't risk having a loose cannon around.

Andarta shrugged. "No idea, I was in the cargo area when the s**t hit the fan"

"She still has another chance, then. I've already got a buyer set up for tomorrow. We'll find out how well they handle a deal. And I'll oversee it personally."

The next day, Red Queen and the three recruits boarded the Red Dragons shuttle and departed for Nar Shaddaa. Doress and Zenu'sin chatted with excitement while Idunnr sat silent and alone. When Red looked over at her, she could almost feel the cold feeling as Andarta had mentioned. She shook it off and returned focus on the mission. Once on the ground, she led the recruits to the Bantha's Hide Cantina to find the buyers. It may have looked like a usual cantina but this place had earned a reputation for shady agendas. Even though the place was rather full, Red caught the attention of a pair of sullustans as soon as she entered. They subtly signaled to follow them and went into a back room. Red caught on to this but the newbies had not. She put a hand on Idunnr's back and nudged her toward the doorway. Entering the room, the other two recruits started showing signs of nervousness. Their excitement turned to fear as their heads came back down to reality. These men could be armed and dangerous. This could even be a set up. Idunnr, however, remained perfectly calm.

Red got right to business. "Let's not waste time with chit-chat, I want to see credits."

One of the sullustans revealed a metal case and the other demanded, "Show us the spice!"

Tasked with carrying it, Doress took it out of her pack and held it out for them to see.

"Take it to them. Zenu, you get the credits," Red instructed.

Doress hesitated for a moment then carefully approached them. The strangers let out a short laugh in excitement as they receieved the spice. Zenu quickly took the case and brought it back to Red Queen. She opened it and quickly counted their payment. Everybody jumped when she slammed the case shut and threw it on the ground. "Is this a joke? This is barely half of what that's worth!"

The sullustans gave each other a scared look then one of them exclaimed "That's all we've got! We can't afford any more than that!"

"Then we don't have a deal!" Red told them, "Hand that spice over. Now!"

"Can't you make us this deal? Just this once? We've been out all week!" the other one said.

"I told you..if you don't have the credits, then--" Red started to say but was interrupted.

"Filthy Pigs, DIE!" Idunnr shouted while drawing a blaster. Before anybody could move, she gunned both sullustans down. "There, I've taken care of this mess."

Red angrily shouted back, "What the hell did you do that for!"

"These lowlife morons had to die! What are we running here, a charity service? They didn't have the credits so they paid the price. Hell, it's even better now, we get both the credits and the spice."

"They may have been morons but they were unarmed morons! Sure we may be smugglers and thieves but we are NOT murderers!"

Idunnr gave Red a cold blank stare obviously thinking she didn't do anything wrong.

"There is no way I'd let someone like you join the Red Dragons!" Red Queen stormed out of the cantina. Doress and Zenu not far behind. Idunnr was left on Nar Shaddaa, what happened to her was no longer Red Queens concern.