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I figured it's about time to make a page like this. This page is still a work-in-progress so not all officers are currently listed but I am trying to get this completed as soon as possible. So without further ado I present you this list.

Andarta / Darticus Maximus - Leader

Seeks order in all things whether that be Discord, the website, or meeting notes. When not processing paperwork and tinkering with the website he can be found in drunken OPs or making a fool of himself in RP.

Hobbies - Getting into trouble (Rule 1 of the guild), Attempting to be a quiet as Red, Getting far too drunk

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Red-queen AKA Red - Conquest Officer

Founding member of the Space Cowboys and leading conquest officer. Quiet, easy-going, and willing to help out. Collector of many things, speaker of few words, habitual multi-tasker.

Hobbies - Stalking GTN prices, spreading Life Day cheer, making healing look easy.

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Plia - PVE Officer

Our late shift PVE officer, typically running the mystical Midnight OPs. Plia is a kind soul always seeking to help anyone she can. However, if you cause trouble she’s not afraid to take action. Typically seen having a good ole time in PVE content, and on occasion during drunken OPs runs.

Hobbies - Being awesome, Dressing fashionably, and Being a kickass drunk tank.

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Sirr - PVE Officer

Plia’s quiet half, Sirr is dedicated to helping in anyway he can, including by not limited to organizing our mess of a guild bank. When off duty he can be seen in OPs and helping with conquest objectives.

Hobbies - Making bad puns, Dad jokes

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Rekkuza - PVE Officer

Currently our youngest active officer. Don’t let that fool you though, Rekkuza has the wisdom of a sage with the badass skills of a topgun elitist while being humble to boot. Rekkuza’s primary duty is to help lead day OPS. When not showing off his badass skills he can be seen in RP where he is known to have punched the head off of a Hutt.

Hobbies - Decapitating Hutts and Being badass

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Kiy - RP Officer

Makes some of the best and at times funniest RP events. Kiy is passionate about RP whether in SWTOR or any of the other games she runs. Sweet hearted and funny as hell, Kiy will make sure you have a good time in her events.

Hobbies - Running Lost Island HM, trying to cheer people up after the 20th raid wipe, and general inebriation.

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