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Imperial Characters

The Alpha Legacy - "Mrysti - Sick Games" (NSFW)

"You have no are no longer even a person....Squatting down in the darkened room, Mrysti adjusted the wrap around her waist as she scrapped at the bowl of food left for her. Her Taskmaster always waited till she was sleeping to leave ...
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Imperial Characters

A Monster Unleashed

Mors Carnis and Nepenthe, sat on a shuttle heading the imperial home world Dromund Kaas, they had just finished a mission that left a sour taste in Nepenthe’s mouth, they wore sent to put down a small time gang that wouldn’t make a deal wi...
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Imperial Characters

Mors Carins A Monster is Born

Mors Carnis A Monster is Born On a space station deep in the Outer Rim, man sits over a monitor of a kolto tank looking for anything out of the normal. In the tank is a pale men floats with tubes all over him, the men is a powerfully build and sho...
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