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How can we improve the guild?

What would you like to see in the future? What can we improve on? What are we doing great at? Do you want to see more ops, flashpoints or RP? Suggest anything you'd like :)In essence can you think of anything you would like us to improve on or is ...
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Dart93947Small Rixen/Dumeera 196d

Guild Events - Brainstorm Session

Many agreed at the last Guild Meeting that we should have Guild Events every once and awhile. This forum thread is to brainstorm ideas and to gauge interest in said ideas. So let's start with some obvious ones.World Bosses - Already have an event ...
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Dart21338Member avatar small Aella 5y

Guild Activities Suggestion - World Bosses

Seems like this is something we could do that would involve our non-50 members up to whatever world they are on, and get the Space Cowboys outfitted with some new mounts!Reaction?
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