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The backstory for your character under the Empire
Want to tell the whole guild how truly awesome your character is? Here is where you do it!
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Character Backstory

The Alpha Legacy - "Last One Standing" (Current OPS)

Voss....There was a time Mrysti lived for moments like these. The feel of the wind as it blew in from the open cargo door, her hair whipping wildly against the wind. It was those precious few moments of preparation and reflection on what was about...
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Character Backstory

Cloudwalker Legacy - Dävon

Dävon was born around 3660 BBY, around the time that the Sith Empire’s blockade had finally been broken by a band of smugglers… Dävon was born around 3660 BBY, around the time that the Sith Empire’s blockade had finally been broken by a band of sm...
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Character Backstory

(NSFW) The Alpha Legacy - "Home"

- Home - It wasn’t as if they had nowhere to go. As the water splashed off the basin in the background, Mrysti stood with her hands over her head applying the dye; getting frustrated. She slammed the bottle down as she cursed. “Kriff this!!” Her h...
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Character Backstory

Shifter's Story

He was awoken to the voice of his father yelling his name, and violently pulling him out of his bed. The was groggy and wasn’t what was going on. Stumbled sleepily as his father pulled him along. The scenery and sounds became more clear, t...
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Character Backstory

The Alpha Legacy - "Karolin - Paradise Lost" (NSFW)

In this Story...Karolin's background is revealed following her capture by her brother RT after her latest escape attempt and rash of crime throughout the quadrant. We learn what brought her to this point as she sits thinking about how she herself ...
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Character Backstory

Skitarii Legacy

Kloonect was born as one of many experiment that already conducted by Republic, to make a perfect soldier. He got his training at secret military base near Ord Mantell, as the Separatist War broke, Kloonect's batch of soldier were deployed to paci...
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Character Backstory


Basic Data:Name: SirinziFamily name: UnknownNickname: SiriSpecies:TogrutaAge: Unknown, looks to be about 22 in human standard yearsHeight: 5'7"Birthplace: Shili, but raised on TatooineHome: NoneBrief Background:Born and raised on Shili, Siri was r...
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Character Backstory

Livin' on the Edge: Shadyra's Story

So, you wanna know all bout my story, huh? Well, it's not terribly exciting or pretty, but....ya know, it is what it is, as some dead guy always said. So, here goes...Born on Coruscant, glorious home of the Galactic Republic, jewel of the Core Pla...
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Character Backstory

The Alpha Legacy - Porchia "Little Miss Can't be Wrong"

HeroWeight of the Universe on her shoulders, Porchia stuck out her hand and took Samantha’s in hers. She opened the door without looking back, keeping the little girl close. The door slammed behind her and with it Nathu and the life she could have...
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Character Backstory

Ryla Chase

Theme song: Fireflies ( screams were loud, the gunshots were louder. Smoke started filling the small encampment the refugees were using."Ryla!!! Ryla!! Mynar! Grab find your sister!! The slavers are h...
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Character Backstory

The Alpha Legacy - 'Reprogrammed'

The Alpha Legacy - Reprogrammed-Change things are sure in this life....Death, taxes.....and change....‘Kid’ stuff was over. Not that she was giving it all up, but as she leaned over the s...
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Character Backstory

Sor'cha Ylvara

Sor'cha Ylvara was born to Neri and Lir Kirgar on the far flung Outer Rim planet of Wistre in 3668 ATC on the 22nd day of Yelona by the Galactic Standard Calendar. But then she was only known as the young couple's first born daughter--Lyra. The Ki...
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Character Backstory


No story cuase my writing sucks and I am lazy. But here are a couple facts about Aleus' past.Her earliest memories are of being a slave on hutta. She doesn't know if her folks are dead or alive or even if they were the ones that sold her to slaver...
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Character Backstory


Name: Zallow DarachRace: HumanAge 22Before Zallow was born a Jedi Master called Ven Zallow saved his mom from raiders, being grateful to the Jedi his mother said "I know how I can show my gratetude when I have a male child I will name him Zallow"....
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Character Backstory

Talkory Coronel - Reflections as a Republic Trooper

Talkory Coronel was born on a small farm on the planet Corellia. Talkory was the first of three children raised by Tajic Coronel, a retired CorSec (Corellian Security Force) officer and Brivanna Coronel, a Green Jedi . As a boy, Talkory was fasc...
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Character Backstory

Clan Rebaine

Republic/Jedi colonization command File #367219Date: 30yrs agoShip: Far TravelerPassengers: Clan RebaineOrigin: ToprawaDestination: planet j325 ( Rhen Var) Outer RimMission: Colonization, Establish Jedi training centerStatus: Missing,Presumed lost...
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Character Backstory

The backstory of Ozhawk

I've not done a great deal of RP in the past, so here is my first stab at a backstory for my character. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.Growing up on Mirial is never easy and being the illegitimate half-sister to a famous Jedi Knig...
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Character Backstory

Kilana Ti: Dirty hands, clean heart

I proofread this, but I'm not the best at spelling or grimmer. I hope that you enjoy and can overlook that.Time: 10 ATCDirty hands, clean heart Kilana Ti had studied a little about Coruscant etiquette on her shuttle to the capitol of the Galactic ...
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Character Backstory

the new story of the Rob

--------WARNING-------IT'S-A-LONG-STORY------------------------------Robb The back story Robert Mayfield, a human boy, training to be a Jedi under the watchful of Master Ora Don, a green skin Twi’lek women with the body of a dance. It was clear...
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Character Backstory

The Moons Legacy

Chapter One24 years ago…Thunder rumbles loudly overhead and the otherwise dimly lit room flashes white as a bolt of lightning strikes one of the rods outside the medical chamber.Dromund Kaas has always had fierce thunderstorms, yet to the young Ra...
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