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General Discussion

Should I say it?

Just a quick note to the guild to clarify The Space Cowboy's positions on questionable topics.....We have none. This guild takes no stance in matters of race, religion, ethnicity, or anything else. We do not endorse harassment or unwarranted cha...
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General Discussion

Jedi Rave

Inspired by:One day I want to gather up as many jedi and different saber colors as possible into a cantina and rave it up. It would make for some awesome pictures.
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General Discussion

Guild chat problem on 20-3-2012 (Wall-O-Text)

(Note: this is just my personal opinion on this. Do not take this as the creation of a guild policy, that is for Redqueen and Andarta to decide what policies are put into place.)As some of you may have seen or heard of a miscommunication problem w...
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General Discussion

Guild Insignia

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General Discussion

guild summit

okay i will be trying to get info to the guild as fast as i can so plz bear with bear with mesometimes it good to have not life :)
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General Discussion

Operation: Glass Maker

A server PvP event where the Empire and the Republic gather to duke it out. Kreaven and I attended Phase 2 of this event on Tatooine with Andarta showing up near the end. Personally, I had a lot of fun and think I'll definitely be attending the ne...
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General Discussion

Datacron Runs, what days and times are best?

Howdy folks!Our first guild datacron run will cover the starting planets: Tython, and Ord Mantel (3 datacrons each) as well as Coruscant, Taris and Nar Shaddaa (5 datacrons each).Participants should be ready to block out up to three hours for the ...
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