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Hi folks, just to let you all know I have decided to leave Space Cowboys. It's nothing personal, it's just not a good fit. Andarta ninja invited me way back when, before the server merge, and I expressed my reservations at joining then - don't ask...
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Gita21906Small Red-Queen 7y
General Discussion

MiA for about a week

Heya Cowboys. I'm gonna be taking a game break whilst waiting for my desktop to return. I fear for my poor laptop melting my desk if I play ToR on it. Enjoy Makabe, and lemme know how awesome it is.
Small Vinzento 7y
Vinzento32358Small Red-Queen 7y
General Discussion


They moved my cheese.
Small Kaawf 7y
Kaawf322Small Dart 7y
General Discussion

MIA during spring break

Hey all, I just wanted to give my apologies for not logging on often. Spring break with my kids and a couple of trips out of town for work have really put a damper on my ability to play. I tried to log on one night from my work laptop but someho...
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Lefti11230Small Lefti 7y
General Discussion

New member introduction

Hi there! I wanted to just stick my head in the door and say hello. I'm a new member of Space Cowboys. My main, at the moment, is a 30 gunslinger, named Agosti.My SWTOR background: I don't have a great deal of MMO or RP experience. I played WoW of...
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General Discussion

Yay Superbuffs!

That is all.
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Kaawf533Small Robb 7y
General Discussion

HM EC Sunday 20 Jan 2013

Couple things I've been thinking about today:1. I'm really really glad we were able to get Aeron in there with us to fill a heal slot. Being able to still get up to Kephess shows me a lit about the character of this guild and our willingness to be...
Small Kaawf 7y
Kaawf536Member avatar small Aeronheart 7y
General Discussion

Glad to be here... also would like to suggest another Guildmate.

Hello out there.As I said in my Guild Application, I found you guys by using the "SWTOR: Ideal Guild Quiz". It's a pretty interesting and comprehensive quiz. Technically the Space Cowboys came up and the 2nd suggestion (out of 5), but after review...
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Zuuka32527Small Red-Queen 7y
General Discussion

Imperial Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers willing to spend the majority of their time on the Imperial Side. This core group of volunteers will actively recruit for our Imperial sister guild the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. Of course all volunteers will still b...
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Dart62415Member avatar small Aella 8y
General Discussion

Thanks for the invite

Looking forward to contributing to the furthering of our goals.See you in the trenches.Kaawf
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Kaawf226Small Red-Queen 8y
General Discussion

Informal Saturday SM ops, HM FPs

Hey All,I'm thinking of creating an auxiliary raiding day on Saturdays for SM ops, dailies, and HM FPs (particularly LI in particular). The point is for spare peeps looking for one piece of gear from PUG hell. I don't want to make this an imposi...
Small Xillala 8y
Xillala32324Small Xillala 8y
General Discussion

September "I Love a Good Story" Contest Nominations

Authors the time has come! Please nominate your favorite story you have written this month, the voting will begin at the end of next week so please provide your nominations by Wednesday the 26th.Requirements for nomination:Must have been written t...
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Dart62183Small Dart 8y
General Discussion

Suggest New Awards

If you'd like a new award added this is the place to suggest it. In order for an award to work it must meet these requirements.* Only one person can have it at a time* Requirement to get it must be documentable* Must have an awesome nameYou can po...
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Dart31265Small Dart 8y
General Discussion

SWTOR News Break

Today Bioware has dropped another video of what is to come and all i can say is meh...dont get me wrong but i don't see anything really worth jumping up and down. We have all ready seen this back at E3 and it feels more flashed out now, no word on...
Small Robb 8y
Robb32745Small Matz 8y
General Discussion

Calling All Characters

I am igniting the fire in Aella's story, and I already have the last chapter written, minus any additional characters I may add to it. However, I am looking to make this story really epic and allow many other characters of the Space Cowboys and Re...
Member avatar small Aella 8y
Aella545Member avatar small Aella 8y
General Discussion

Lost island HM

Ok, so after failing at PUGging this something like 20 times and getting turned away from a bunch of groups because I'm a melee DPS, I've decided to ask the guild for help. My problem is this: I have yet to complete LI HM, and need it for a couple...
Member avatar small Rashad 8y
Rashad32260Small Dart 8y
General Discussion

Why is Corso dying so much?

So, I finally dinged 50, and I was approaching my final story quest.I wanted to end it how I start with -- with Corso.For the past 5-ish levels, I had been accepting Droid parts as rewards so I could pull out the 46-50 green aim armorings/mods and...
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Matz84423Member avatar small Prosser 8y
General Discussion

FTP Vs. Sub

Coming this fall Swtor well go free to play but here are things you need to know LINK: dont think at WE have been left out in the cold and lonely for being sub form the start we get some stuff to make us look ...
Small Robb 8y
Robb157854Small Dart 8y
General Discussion

HK-51: Greetings Master

I was watching the Youtube video of HK-51's reveal for about the 1000th time and finaly looked that the stuff under it this ts what is says"Buried deep beneath the icy surface of Bels...
Small Robb 8y
Robb42679Member avatar small Me'kebian 8y
General Discussion


Hello and Welcome to the Cantina talk official Thread Here you can say what you would like to about and how the show should sound. All ideas we be given real thought and nothing is out of bounds, you can come and talk about the game or anything in...
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Robb11149Small Robb 8y