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Report from Viloh!

Hello! I'm sorry to report that my account has not only been stolen, but my characters have been transferred to The Harbinger by the dastardly assailant. Due to the rascal also gaining access to my credit card information, my account has been froz...
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General Discussion

Cantina Codes

Good place to drop cantina codes for the guild!Here's one for the GamesCon in August 2015!GamesCon Cantina Code
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Kambria73645Small Zhannia 5y
General Discussion

All packs on sale October 6

According to the SWTOR page on Facebook, "In honor of the upcoming Cartel Market changes, ALL your favorite Packs will be returning ON SALE from October 6-20".I hope that includes Opportunist’s Bounty Pack. I would love to get the Sensuous Dress w...
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General Discussion

Character Transfer

Has anyone done a character transfer between servers? I've got a bunch of toons on a different server, but no one from my old guild there is around so I'm debating if I should move my main over. I'd like to start running Ops and HMs again but am...
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General Discussion


This is probably a dumb question, but can some explain mumble to me? Even though I've been playing this game since launch (on a different server), I've never used mumble. Any particular tricks to set it up or is it pretty easy to figure out?
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General Discussion

New Space Cowboy here

Greetings Space Cowboys. Ben here. I have just come into the guild and wanted to say hello. I have toons on both sides (Pub and Imp) with Imp side toons being the most geared (specifically my Agent Operative). I still have 3 characters to get ...
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General Discussion

Outlaw Alliance Charter

Below is the draft I came up with after reading the charter from the guild 'The Syndicate'. Please read through it and give suggestions. I know it's a long read.Alliance CharterThe Outlaw Alliance began it's life with the Space Cowboys on Star War...
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General Discussion

Playlist: aka my quirks

I don't know about anyone else but I have a tendency to associate songs with my characters. This differentiates them from each other and helps me keep their motivations in mind (crazy I know). So I thought I'd put this list up, it is of course sub...
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General Discussion

KotFE group pve content

Flashpoints (list below) Story based flashpoints now offer a level capped solo option that allows you to experience the story Old flashpoints will be converted to tactical and allow players 10-65 to participate Old hm flashpoints will be bumped up...
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Dart84143Small Bribri 5y
General Discussion

Website theme

Figured this would be best in a forum post. I'm thinking about changing the theme to be brighter. Essentially something like this: made the current black and blue theme many months ago. At that time the guild was fa...
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Dart01069Small Dart 5y
General Discussion

Guild Ships

As many of you probably know, the next expansion will contain the ability to obtain a guild ship. The price of a ship is 50 million credits. As expensive as that may be, it is not unobtainable. However ,if as a guild, we do want a guild ship, we s...
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General Discussion

He will be in our hearts always

To all In Space cowboys.I want to thank everyone who came to read this, and I first need to apologize for taking so long to post this.Rhida... our friend beloved im sure many of you know passed away late november. We knew him as Rhida, his family ...
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General Discussion

A Quick review of Space Combat

Sup Guild and anyone else who may read this. This is my first review of the SWTOR PvP Space Combat. I say first because like everything It going to change and get patched it time SO as of Dec. 5 2013, this is how it stands.The good: It Feels lik...
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General Discussion

The Red Dragon Crime Syndicate

web site: you are planning to come to the Imp Side please sign up on the web site nothing is planned till after the firs of 2013. There will be a meeting on the Jan. 11 2013 in the Cantina on Dromund Kaas about 9 E...
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Robb41843Small Robb 7y
General Discussion

Cancelled my subscription

Well, I did it about 5 minutes ago, I cancelled my subscription. I deposited 9,200,000 credits in the Guild bank because I didn't want it to magically get lost when my account went f2p (in case I come back, which is unlikely). I'd rather give it...
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General Discussion


TO all whom come to the web site. I Well be taking over the today to today stuff. Till Red and Andarta get back form Where ever the hell they went.I will only be on for the weekends and late nights. I'll be trying new line up and with any luck ...
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General Discussion

Horror story contest

I have had a IDEA!!!Lets have a contest to see who can write the best horrors story by the 31 of Oct. winner gets 100,000 in-game credits from yours truly, sign up below, if you went to be part of this.RULE:1 You must sign up (dont sign up dont wi...
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General Discussion

Guild Meeting Saturday 21st

It's that time again, time to have a guild meeting. In this meeting we will cover the following topics. If you have suggestions for more please contact Kiy or Dart.- Discuss ways of improving our progression group- Expand / revive PVP Wednesdays- ...
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Dart11526Small Dart 7y
General Discussion

Its Time

Hi Everyone,I'm sorry, but I've been seduced by another. Aeronheart and I have been participating in the Final Fantasy XIV beta test, and the final phase of the beta (which will transition characters to the live game) starts this Friday. So, I'l...
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General Discussion

HM Ops?

I don't mind doing Story Mode TFB and S&V, but I believe we're more than ready to be doing TFB Hard Mode, and once we beat that a couple times, I'd like to try some S&V Hard Mode as well.What about NM mode even for some we haven't done?I m...
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