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Making of a 'Kiy'

Ok, so here's the backstory on this. And I totally blame Kiy. She asked me to give her my take on what her character would look like if I drew it up and rendered it in my digital art softwares (yes I use several) I decided to make this a 'communit...
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General Discussion

Whatcha playin?

What other games have you guys been playing lately? I know Red has been playing Dark Souls III and Black Desert Online.Personally when I'm not playing swtor I am in 7 Days to Die (We have our own server) and Dungeon Defenders II.
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General Discussion

Hi folks

Thanks for accepting me :). I have been busy the last couple nights with other adulting tasks. Hope to see you all tonight once everything gets updated.
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SRSLY THO Why did you pick that name for your character?Just a cool thread in the tradition of making threads like irl pics and irl music and irl erp ( the horrors i have seen).Soooooo, why did you pick that name of your character? Was it random?I...
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General Discussion

Mumble Overlays

So, got the overlay option turned on, but when I was not he game with ya'll last night the side bar where it should show names didn't know up.Any ideas?I'm running Windows 10 Home
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General Discussion

7 Days to Die Server

I have a server set up for thew game 7 Days to Die. You guys are welcome to join. Right now it's just ten slots but I'll add more if it becomes popular.Connection info: Yeehaw!Server settingsDifficulty: 3 out of 4Zombi...
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General Discussion

zill ≠ kill

You're all assholes, but you're my assholes. No, wait. That sounded a lot better in my head.What I mean is-- log on tonight [assholes].
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General Discussion


I know that many of you don't know me all that well, but I wanted to say that I truly enjoyed all the time I got to spend with you all. I had a lot of fun. But this season of my life is coming to a close and I'm afraid I must be going on to differ...
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General Discussion

Imp Side Raid times

SI's raid schedule is as followsRed team progression (full but could use some back ups) - Wed. 730pm Blue team progression(seeking one healer and possably one dps)- Thursday 730Raiding 101 ( story mode raids for new players or players trying to l...
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General Discussion

Jay's LAN Party Twitch Streaming

Hey folks, as some of you know I work for a game development studio called Big Viking Games that tends to party some bit, including throwing the occasional LAN party to raise money for charities (typically for Extra Life in November). While we are...
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General Discussion

Music Thread!

post some music you think is emblematic of your toon, you like to play during raids, or you just think is neat i'll start, but with any luck, you've probably heard this over mumble:
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General Discussion

What are Progression raids and teams?

Hi folks,The survey had some things I wasn't familiar with...I'm not familiar with what a progression raid is and I was hoping someone could explain it. I'm assuming that a progression team is a specific group of folks who get first dibs to go on...
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General Discussion

Questionnaire about everything

Instead of hosting a guild meeting where not everyone can attend to help make decisions I've instead make a google form. Please fill out the form as best as you can.This forum thread will be used to discuss the topics within the google form as wel...
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General Discussion

Datacrons and whatnot

When I returned to SWTOR in early November, in order to reacquaint myself with a defense guardian, and all the changes since pre-2.0, I started over. On my old guardian, I'd retrieved a number of datacrons and even had a matrix cube.On Shinxuga, ...
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General Discussion

Event times

Just a crazy idea but .... you guys think it might be possible to start some of the scheduled events earlier? Like 8 or 9. Most weekdays I start getting getting tired around 10 and am ready for bed around 11. Yea .. I guess I'm getting old or some...
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General Discussion

Show us your UI!

Here's mine
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General Discussion

Tim Burton Companions

Because who wouldn't want to have this in their nightmares? Treek Companion Bug
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General Discussion

zill = kill?

you may have noticed, i've been out for a while. I haven't quit the guild, or found Jesus, or even joined a cult. here's the deal: my life is kinda falling apart. but, but, but, but---this is not a bad thing. this is not a bad thing because:a) m...
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General Discussion

[NO SPOILERS] 4.0 Initial Impressions

So, some of us have experienced 4.0 now. Initial impressions?Please don't spoil the story for anyone but thoughts on things like the changes to crafting? Companion roles/influence? Level scaling?Personally, I did one tactical (you now need FIVE...
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General Discussion

4.0 Patch notes discussion.

You can see the patch notes here. I'll start. "In most cases, capes no longer clip through Vehicles and Mounts." HOLY FUCK!! They may have finally fix...
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