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#13129658 Mar 14, 2017 at 08:08 PM
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Hi all, just wanted to list everything I can craft (rating 230) as of now:

MK-4 Adept Device
Mk-4 Quick Savant Device
Adept Enhancement 46
Bastion Enhancement 46
Bulwark Enhancement 46
Efficient Enhancement 46
Immunity Enhancement 46
Studios Enhancement 46

Mk-4 Asylum Belt
Mk-4 Asylum Body Armor
Mk-4 Onslaught Armguards
Mk-4 Onslaught Gloves
Mk-4 Onslaught Jacket
Mk-4 Onslaught Leggings
Mk-4 Onslaught Head Gear
Mk-4 Onslaught Boots
Resistive Armoring 46

Mk-4 Adept Sniper Rifle
Mk-4 Quick Savant Sniper Rifle
Mk-4 Bulwark Blaster Pistol
Mk-4 Bulwark Blaster Rifle
Mk-4 Quick Savant Blaster Pistol
Mk-4 Initiative Shotgun
Mk-4 Initiative Vibroknife
Mk-4 Quick Savant Vibroknife

Mk-4 Adept Saberstaff
Mk-4 Bastion Lightsaber
Mk-4 Bastion Saberstaff
Mk-4 Initiative Saberstaff
Mk-4 Quick Savant Lightsaber
Mk-4 Quick Savant Saberstaff
Mk-4 Relic of Imperiling Serenity
Mk-4 Relic of Ephemeral Mending
Mk-4 Relic Reactive Warding
Mk-4 Adept Focus
Mk Bastion Tech Shield
Mk-4 Bulwark Force Shield
Mk-4 Quick Savant Focus

Mk-4 Aegis Gloves
Mk-4 Aegis Headgear
Mk-4 Aegis Sash
Mk-4 Force Expert's Boots
Mk-4 Force Expert's Bracers
Mk-4 Force Expert's Headgear
Mk-4 Force Expert's Lower Robe

Mk-4 Bastion Package
Mk-4 Bulwark Package
Mk-4 Initiative Package

Sorry, but too long of a list to post all the stats. If anyone wants anything, let me know. All I ask is you provide the blue and purple mats. Hit me up here or message Michael'cray in-game if you want something. I'll try to update this list as I get more schematics.
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