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Dävon was born around 3660 BBY, around the time that the Sith Empire’s blockade had finally been broken by a band of smugglers…

Dävon was born around 3660 BBY, around the time that the Sith Empire’s blockade had finally been broken by a band of smugglers…

With word of smugglers working with the Republic to break the Mandalorian Blockade, this left the Imperial forces on Haruun Kal with little options to hold the world. Days after the reports started, Imperial Intelligence started going door to door and rounding up those that were thought to conspire with the Republic. After weeks of going house to house and town to town, the Imperials have barely scratched the surface of the Republic insurgency. Weeks prior to the smugglers breaking the blockade a squad of Republic Special Forces and two Jedi arrived planet side to train a resistance force. It wasn’t until the day before they were to liberate the nearby village that Master Ooroo sensed a Force user nearby. He was unable to tell if the user was a child or not, but he had to find out who or what it was.


In the village, Dävon was only a day old when he was home playing. Nobody noticed that he was using his mind to move his toys, except his mother. She never took him outside his first day alive, in case the Imperials saw and killed him. She kept it to herself, it was bad enough that she and Dävon were the only Mirialans they knew of in the area. She and her husband fled Mirial after the Imperials started invading.

“Hun, we can’t let the Imperials find out about his abilities.”, she said.

“I know, but what are we going to do? There are Imperials everywhere. Not only that, the Mando’s are in orbit and all over the nearby trade route. What are we going to do?”, her husband said to her.

“I know, but we need to make sure they Dävon is safe. There are rumors, not for sure how accurate, that there are Jedi on this world. Nobody knows where they are, but I am sure they are here to help.”, his mother said.

“Then we need to stay nearby. If there are Jedi, they’ll be coming here.”, his father said as he went to hug him and his mother, “The Jedi won’t let such a gifted child get left behind. Even if we must sacrifice ourselves to get their attention.”


“Master Jedi, we’re prepared for the assault on the village in the morning. The soldiers and fighters are preparing to get rest now. I think you should get some rest as well. Tomorrow is going to be a long one from the looks of it.”, said Major Blankano.

“Of course, thank you Major.”, said Master Ooroo as he smirked and slightly nodded.

The following day, the Republic Special Forces team and the resistance fighters began their liberation of Haruun Kal. The Special Forces teams couldn’t be told apart from the resistance fighters. They stripped themselves of the Republic armor and dressed themselves as the resistance so they’d blend in. Going from house to house, the fighters and Special Forces spent all morning liberating the village. Following the hasty retreat of the Imperial forces, the Jedi wondered around meeting the locals. Master Ooroo was still bothered by the sensing a Force user and not meeting him or her.

“Master”, said the Jedi Knight accompanying Ooroo, “You’ve seemed distracted since last night. Is there something bothering you?”
Master Ooroo reached the palm of his right hand up to his face and stroked his beard, “Have you not sensed a presence of a Force user?”

“I haven’t, but do you think this was too easy? Other Imperial forces took more of an effort to remove, but this one just basically ran off.”, the Knight said.
“Do you think they meant to just run off and let us take this village? How would that benefit the Sith?”, Master Ooroo said wondering if his former Padawan was onto something.

As Major Blankano was getting a perimeter setup for a potential counter-attack, the Jedi and some fighters treated the wounded and questioned the locals about the Sith Empire occupation. Not everyone came out because they never knew if it was safe. In knowing this, Master Ooroo went around. He would talk to random locals, but from time to time knock on the door of some domiciles to check up on locals. There was one door that caught his attention and he couldn’t allow himself to ignore it. Master Ooroo proceeded to the domicile and went to knock on the door, but what he didn’t expect was a Mirialan man to answer the door. There was no reason to think they there was, but what troubled him the most was that the facial expression on this Mirialan was that of somebody who was expecting the Jedi Master. He sensed the presence of the Force was getting stronger, but it wasn’t from him. Master Ooroo looked past the man. He saw another Mirialan, but this one was a woman holding a young child. Couldn’t be more than a day old, but he could sense some powerful Force energy coming from one of them and then asked if he could come in.

“But of course, Master Jedi.”, he said. Master Ooroo wasn’t in his traditional robes and had his lightsaber hidden so that the Sith Empire didn’t know that even any Jedi were on the world, but how did this man know who he was? He entered the home and looked around. Looked as if they had been anticipating leaving the village. The three adults went into the living area and sat down and began to converse casually.

“I’ve never encountered any Mirialan this side of the Hydian Way, let alone on such a world that is so far away from home.”, Master Ooroo inquired curiously as he partially smiled.

“Well, you’d leave your home world too if you were wanting to avoid the Sith.”, the Mirialan answered.

“This, this is true. Might I inquire your name?”, the Jedi asked, trying to make a mental note of the name for future use.

“Of course, I’m Doznev, this is my wife Mizzaka, and our newborn son Dävon. We’re the last of the Cloudwalker line. Well, that we know of. We haven’t heard from Mirial since we left before the blockade.”, Doznev said introducing his family to the Jedi. Doznev offered Master Ooroo some water, but he turned it down suggesting that he wasn’t going to be long. He looked around the house and saw a lot of Mirial influence in how living room was laid out.

Master Ooroo went into deep thought. He was wondering what exactly made them leave Mirial in the first place, but there could be any reason for it. Why hadn’t more Mirialans fled? Have they just not been located yet? The thoughts quickly started to eat at Master Ooroo. However, as he had just started to ask, he heard some distant explosions and shouting.

Suddenly, one of the fighters came running from the nearby field shouting hysterically, “THEY ARE COMING BACK! THEY BROUGHT MORE AND WALKERS!”
This caused Master Ooroo to quickly get up and look out the door. By that time, he could begin to see the blades of Sith Lords being followed by twice as many Sith Empire forces. He went back inside and quickly explained how he felt a power of the Force that drew him to their residence. He told them to get to the Republic camp that he had come from.

It didn’t take long until Major Blankano to get word all over the village, “LEIUTENENT! START GETTING DEFENSIVE POSITIONS SET UP! NOW! THEY ARE COMING BACK!”

Within seconds of the shouting, there was chaos all over the streets. The Jedi Knight that accompanied Master Ooroo suggested leading civilians out of the village and back to their camp for safety. The Major agreed, as if he knew the Jedi wanted to show they want to help the locals, and not get them killed. Major Blankano gave the pair of Jedi five resistance fighters to quickly gather the locals and lead them away from the fighting. Just as before, the Jedi and resistance fighters went door to door, except this time they started on the side of the village that the Imperials were coming from.

“Sir, ma’am, we are here to get you all out. The Sith Empire is on their way back and we need to get you all to safety. Please, quickly gather your things and start heading to the Eastern portion of the village.”, the Resistance Fighters would say as they’d go door to door. While this was taking place, there was explosions getting closer and closer to the village.


In the year 3653, as the Republic was deliberating the end of the Great War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, the Jedi at the temple were going about their daily routines. Dävon, now 7, was undergoing his saber construction lessons with one of the Jedi Masters. For many of the other younglings, they were undergoing their morning meditations and lightsaber lessons.

“You must allow yourself to extend out and let the Force move you. You mustn’t let yourself get distracted or let your body go against what the Force is telling you.”, the Jedi Master explained.

“What if...”. Just as the youngling began her thought the temple had begun to rumble violently. “Master, what is that sound?”

“I don’t know youngling, but…”, the Jedi Master paused with his face turning a lighter shade of white as he soon sensed a great deal of dark energy, “We should get moving.”

The Jedi Master had the younglings gather as he rushed them out the door and down the hallway. Luckily the sparring quarters were not near the main lobby, where the blaster fire and lightsaber clashing could be heard. They were not alone in trying to escape as there were hundreds of younglings being moved away from the fighting to the lower sections. The Jedi Masters and Knights know the younglings will be safe as there are no mention of the underground sections on any maps or charts for just this purpose.

This caused a great disturbance among all of those that resided inside the temple walls. It was supposed to be a great day for the Jedi Order. Nobody was sure what was to transpire.
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