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#12841326 Nov 08, 2016 at 11:33 PM
Guildies and...
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Hey people, part of the reason you guys haven't seen me online much lately is due to a lot of prep and campaigning work I've been doing for for my city's Extra Life efforts, which raises money for my local children's hospital. Ignoring recent events (derherher fuck Trump moving to Canada!) and the fact that Extra Life itself was on Sat. Nov. 5 I will be running a make-up 24-hour Persona 5 marathon starting 10 AM EST on Sat. Nov. 12.

Yes, I obviously know Persona 5 won't come here until next year but I'm a rebel and I play things in 日本語 so that's my excuse. I'll be starting a fresh file with no DLC so I'll be keeping end-game spoilers to a minimum.

I'm taking donations on my campaign page at and I'll be streaming my gaming at All donations are tax deductible and all of that sweet, sweet, Canadian maple syrup smelling money goes towards helping kids in hospitals directly.

Additionally I'm hosting a Rock Band 4 night for my company 6-8 PM EST for my company and it'll be streamed on my Twitch feed as well. Yes, I'll be drinking. Yes, I'll be singing. No, I have no dignity.
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