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This really shouldn't be something I have to post but after listening to some bully aching, I felt it was necessary.

First off we all RP to have fun and escape our own realities, and we all need to be respectful towards one another. Someone's RP maybe different from yours but don't ridicule them for it.

Now here are some tips on being respectful to other RPers. You should always ask to join an RP that is going on. Even if it's in a public place, we as RPers should understand the need and want to have a proper background or be in the proper area for our RPs. So always ask. Don't just assume you can barge in on the RP. This can not only look bad for you but also the guild you represent. It also makes people upset, because you are not showing them the respect that should be given to everyone.

By all means stay in character but also be polite and keep in mind the other Rpers. With this being said I mean let them have a chance to respond, and never take control of another person's character with out their permission. You wouldn't want someone to take control of your character, so don't do it to someone else. You can also be respect to the person leading the RP by keeping in mind physical limitations of whatever species you maybe. All have there limitations on what they can carry on them at a given time. By all means be creative with your character, but be mindful of strengths and weaknesses. Even superman has weaknesses.

The simple way to show proper etiquette, is to just be respectful and keep others feelings in mind before you do something. If some asks you to stop doing something, if it's in character politely explain that that is how your character is. Don't get upset. If they still ask you to stop, maybe calm it down a little you could be taking a little to far and just tone it down or have your character leave or something and find some one else to RP with. There really isn't any need to cause a scene or blow things out of per portion. Some character just don't mesh well, and there is no need to take out the disagreement on the player.

As I stated before just be respect to your fellow RPers and understand that your character and theirs may not get along but that's not to say another character of theirs wont. RPing is a way to escape the world around us and we're all here to have fun and make our own unique characters. SO go out there and have fun cowboys!
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