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Basic Data:
Name: Sirinzi
Family name: Unknown
Nickname: Siri
Age: Unknown, looks to be about 22 in human standard years
Height: 5'7"
Birthplace: Shili, but raised on Tatooine
Home: None

Brief Background:
Born and raised on Shili, Siri was rescued as a child by republic exploration group when her tribe was almost wiped out by a deadly virus. Rather than re-home her with another colony on the same planet, in case of latent infection, the health organization homed her off world on a Tatooine moisture and bio analytics farm with a retiring reclusive human couple who were part of the organization. It was meant to be a temporary placement but she became one of the forgotten refugees for many years until an audit of the organization some years later discovered the mistake. Visiting officials noted her force sensitivity and she was offered a place to the Jedi Temple to become an initiate.

Curious, eager, innocent, has an affinity with nature. Touchy-feely with everything seeking social contact and community given her reclusive background of her later years. Good natured and optimistic.

Simple hunting, use of small sharp blade. Scavenging and foraging in the harsh hot climate of the desert. Nurturing and knowledge of flora and fauna and use of such for simple medicinal and culinary purposes. Passionate when it comes to finding water sources. Her montrals act as sensitive radars when it comes to the twitching movement of a small creature she is hunting, the sounds and movements of water sources or the scents, edibility or poisonous nature and general properties of plants.

Siri has an unusual darker sea green pigmentation with purple/white striped montrals and lekku. Lavender eye color. She is of average height/weight, slender and toned with a full feminine figure. She moves with a natural unaffected grace. Usually barefooted she prefers to wear light clothing that does not inhibit her movement. Her skin coloration has deepened in the years spent on Tatooine and the bio analytical developments applied to her skin have enabled her to withstand the worst of the twin suns rays, keeping it supple and soft even as she ran free and near naked at times.

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