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The screams were loud, the gunshots were louder. Smoke started filling the small encampment the refugees were using.

"Ryla!!! Ryla!! Mynar! Grab find your sister!! The slavers are here! Take her into the mountains and do NOT come down until the smoke has cleared!!!" her mother shouted pushing her middle son in the direction she last saw as she grabbed her blasters, turning in the direction of the battle.

Mynar found her hiding under the table. "Ryla! C'mon! You heard mom!!! We have to go!!" He grabbed her and pulled her from under the table pushing her ahead of him as the blasts got louder, explosions shook the earth almost knocking them down. The only thing that kept Ryla falling was her brother grabbing her and pushing her almost constantly, her little legs not as fast as his.

Explosions and screams as a shuttle was blown out of the sky as it fell she heard more screams. "MOTHER!!!" she screamed.

Ryla shot out of bed her blasters drawn. The ship was quiet aside from the usual engine purr, the beeps. Her door beeped, someone asking for entrance.

Her second was at the door not waiting for Ryla to answer. "We heard you all the way on Rishi. Poor Cort didn't get to finish his drink" she kept her voice soft playful as she looked at her captain in nothing but a tunic that had seen better days and her blasters. But judging by the sweat, and the screaming from her captain the nightmares were still there.

Ryla looked at Star and slowly lowered her blasters, her breath still coming in quick gasps and she licked her lips. "We need to go....the outpost needs the food yesterday. Finish filling the tanks and and lets head out."

Star sighed and leaned against the hatch "We are a day ahead of schedule but as you order my fearless captain." her tone might have been full of sarcasm. "One of these days you will not be able to run...." She spoke the last as she paused before heading to her post.
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