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Name: Zallow Darach
Race: Human
Age 22

Before Zallow was born a Jedi Master called Ven Zallow saved his mom from raiders, being grateful to the Jedi his mother said "I know how I can show my gratetude when I have a male child I will name him Zallow". Years later she had a child on the planet Balmorra and she kept her word and called him Zallow Darach. He left his home at the age of 5 and was taken to the Jedi Temple on Delron, were he would meet his future mentor, Master Zane Holden.

After many years studying under him Zallow learned the basics of the lightsaber form Niman, as well as many other techniques. Excelling in combat training, he also learned how to be a great diplomat under Master Jekk Torr.

When he was 20, whispers started about a plot to destroy the Council on Delron. Before long he found out his Master was behind the coop, and was gaining support from other Jedi. Confronting Master Holden, his suspicions were proven to be correct. The promise of power and to join his Master in the new adventure, enticed him in his youth to agree. So Zane, Zallow and Zane's followers attacked the Council. It wasn't easy, but they manage to kill them all.

"Now my old Padawan, it's time I fulfilled my end of the bargain" Zane came to him and was true to his word. Over the next two years he learned various Dark Side techniques, becoming a fallen Jedi like Zane.

Visions haunted him coming to him in his dreams, his teacher Jekk Torr. The message of the dreams were the same, he had to turn back, he had to return to the light. That he had to face and stop Zane Holden.

By the time he realized what he had done wasn't right just to quench his thirst for power, it was too late, Zallow had fallen with his former master to the Dark Side. Retreating in to seclusion he shed tears of shame for his transcendence, staying hidden till he regained control.

Having to fight Zane's loyal fallen followers, he finally reached his former master. Remaining quiet and calm he spoke to Zane. “This madness has to end, surrender now or I will strike you down.”

Activating his lightsaber the fallen master stood ready, not a word was spoken in response. The battle raged for hours, the two locked in saber battle. Tired, Zallow, started to lose hope in his ability to best his former master. Then a radiant yellow light surrounded him and in that moment, Jekk empowered him through the Force. With this new found strength he was able to cut down the fallen Jedi Master.

Sitting among the bodies of the fallen Jedi he found a certain peace, his redemption again a Jedi of the light, and so the old Council appeared before him and ordered him never to return to Delron and head to Unix where he can finish his training as a true Jedi. So he left the temple and Delron.

He may have turn away from the darkness but because of it he'll never be the same again, and the dark side powers will always be with him as well as the powers of the light...
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