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Full name: Llall Solusar
Species: Mirialan
Age: 32-33
Gender: Female
Height:/b] 5'5
Eye Color:Hazel-ish
Distinguishing Characteristics: Face Tattoos
Relatives: Bribri (not genetically)

Birthplace: Coruscant (Underworld)

+10 roll: Situational Analysis
Weaknesses: Environmental Beauty (sunrise, undisturbed snow range, etc.), friendly animals, rare and expensive weaponry and gadgetry

Past Occupations: Bodyguard, Pirate
Current Occupation: Trade, THORN volunteer, Security Services

Relationship Status: Single
Hobbies: Tourism, High-thrill activities, combat and warfare analysis, military strategy research and methods, embarrassing Bribri
Disposition: Calm, conservative. Not as outgoing as Bribri, is not prone to extreme emotions.
Likes: Peaceful solitude, reasonable people, (insert weaknesses), renewing contracts, THORN
Dislikes: Extreme people, Drunks, Pazaak, Cheaters, excessively flirtatious people, Pompous people (particularly pompous force-users)
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Full Name: Karolin Alexandra Alpha
Species: Mirialan
Age: 42 - hides it well with the Force (as well as her Corruption)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 135
Eye Color: Red
Distinguishing Characteristics: Honor and Life Tattoos adorn her face and body, in keeping with her people's trait of writing their life histories on their skin
Birthplace: Mirial - Orphaned on Felucia
Relatives: By Blood: Mrysti Bell Alpha (Sister) Alexandra De'nabre (Mother - Deceased) Samantha Alpha (Niece) By Adoption: Treavor (RT-946) Alpha (Brother - Deceased), Hamner Alpha (Brother - Deceased), Marstel Alpha - (Brother - MIA), Porchia Alpha - (Niece), Beta Alpha - (Son)

+10 Roll: Intelligence
Gear: Heavy Robes or latex and leather
Weaknesses: Karolin is a terrible lush and addicted to her passions. Whatever suits her at the moment, she will indulge in. Drugs, Alcohol, Sex...whatever.

Past Occupations: Chief Archivist of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant
Current Occupation: Self-exiled Jedi Master

Relationship Status: Engaged
Disposition: Wicked sense of humor, most anyone what find dark what she finds funny. She's good and she knows it. She's hot and she knows it, it makes her really tough to be around.
Likes: Living things, anything related to doing what she is not supposed to be doing.
Dislikes: Tech, loud people and the Zakuul
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Full Name: Mrysti Bell Alpha; Darth Retuvisa; 'The Hammer of the Empire'
Species: Mirialan
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 245
Eye Color: Red
Distinguishing Characteristics: Honor and Life Tattoos adorn her face and body; as well as several brands, Sith runes and language tattoos, She has suffered multiple traumas throughout her life, her body shows it in nearly one linear kilometer of scarring.
Birthplace: Mirial - Orphaned on Felucia
Relatives: By Blood: Karolin Alexandra Alpha (Sister) Alexandra De'nabre (Mother - Deceased) Samantha Alpha (Daughter) By Adoption: Treavor (RT-946) Alpha (Brother - Deceased), Hamner Alpha (Brother - Deceased), Marstel Alpha - (Brother - MIA), Porchia Alpha - (Niece), Beta Alpha - (Nephew)

+10 Roll: Enhanced Genetic Strength
Gear: Sith Armor or Leather Arena Gear
Weaknesses: Rage makes her uncontrollable and sloppy. She would rather smash you than try and figure out the best way to beat you. Mrysti is a blunt instrument.

Past Occupations: Slave and Pit Fighter
Current Occupation: Self-Exiled Sith Lord

Relationship Status: Committed Relationship; but still has many playthings
Hobbies: Planning a conquest and she has recently taken up sewing thanks to her late Mother
Disposition: Extremely straightforward; polite in the current climate, but quick to anger. She is no one to make friends with and very hard to get close to. Once you have her loyalty, you have it for life; either yours or hers. Dedicated to family; without prejudice. Will do anything to protect what is hers, even if it is wrong.
Likes: Family, mortal and martial combat, sewing (no one has to know) and ancient histories of alien cultures.
Dislikes: Animals and living things, prefers tech and computers. Quiet people and those who tend to harbor secrets.
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Name: "Lyyns"
Age: approx 18, 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 125

Distinguishing Features: N/A. Has been told she looks younger than she really is.
Birthplace: Csilla
Relatives: "Syylla" (Twin Sister)

+10 Roll: Slicing
Gear: Light gear for maximum movement. Padded for added protection.
Weaknesses: Overconfident in her abilities, Eager for challenge.

Past Occupations: Imperial Slicer
Current Occupation: Slicer-for-hire, Part of Bribri's crew. (They travel together on the same ship)

Relationship Status: Single (assumed)
Hobbies: Puzzles, Mind games.
Disposition: Serious (Does not open up easily), Friendly once she opens up
Likes: Like-minded people
Dislikes: Trivial pursuits, Racists.
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Name: Lynona
Species: Human
Age: Mid-Late 20's (estimated)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135

Distinguishing Features: Distinctive hairstyle. Buzzcut on the sides. Lightsaber scar across her face.
Birthplace: Zakuul
Relatives: None known.

+10 Roll: Engineering/ Technical Fixing
Gear: Comfortable gear. Easy to move. Has a dual-vibroblade, but rarely uses it.
Weaknesses: Not very knowldegable about the galaxy (other than Zakuul), not a skilled combatist
Past Occupations: Zakuulan engineer, Duelist
Current Occupation: Engineer

Relationship Status: Single (for now)
Hobbies: Fixing things, Exploring
Disposition: Inquisitive, Defensive, Discerning.
Likes: Zakuul, Knights, Scions, Bribri, meeting new peoples and races, learning, dueling with blades
Dislikes: Arcann's rule, those who hate the Eternal Empire, High Justice Vaylin, Extreme cold, extreme heat, Needless killing
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Full Name: Tristan Kole Radear "Announcer"
Species: Helmet (thought you were gonna get me didn't you)
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 250lb
Eye Color: haha nope
Distinguishing Characteristics: Helmet?

Birthplace: Alderaan
Relatives: Deaded

+10 Roll: Guns, also Announcing... duh...
Gear: Tactical armor
Weaknesses: cuteness

Past Occupations: Officer in the republic
Current Occupation: Retired, and an Announcer

Relationship Status
: divorced
Hobbies: model star-ship building
Disposition: Easy going, finds away to look on the bright side of the darkest moments, Typically doesn't really care what goes on around him.
Likes: Alderaan, women, food
Dislikes: rude people, people who act without thinking...
There's more to living than only surviving, I'm not there yet but I'm trying.
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Full Name: Calimiaus Pyrosis Pyronus
Species: Force sensitive human/ cybernetically enhanced human.
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 154 pounds
Eye Color: Silver
Distinguishing Characteristics: Cybernetic eye, flamboyant clothing.

Birthplace: Sector 15 (slum), Coruscant
Relatives: Parents (deceased)

+10 Roll: Drinking, tactics and cards.
Gear: lightweight armor, rocket boots (noncombat only due to limited fuel), flight suit, hat with unknown (even to cali) electronics, goggles, fire resistant coat, smoke pellets, a cybernetic eye with an auto-target feature (manually activated via mental commands), prototype reflex implants in his hands, a cybernetic liver, 6 grenades (assorted, mostly normal and shrapnel), a salvaged and constantly breaking wrist mounted mando flamethrower, two modified blaster pistols, a vibro-knife, and a mysterious knife with a faintly glowing blade.

Weaknesses: technical stuff besides pushing random buttons, being headstrong, normal negotiations (ie not threatening, blackmailing or bribing anyone) being weak in the Force, not trusting others, being slightly bigoted toward Jedi, being slightly more bigoted toward Sith, being extremely bigoted towards anyone working for the Sith Empire.

Past Occupations: Gangster, mid level gang officer, bank robber, inmate, fugitive, smuggler/hired gun.
Current Occupation: Pirate/Freelance mercenary

Relationship Status: single
Hobbies: making model starships, collecting exotic items, collecting secrets
Disposition: outwardly calm in most situations, aggressive in combat, mildly crazed when flying ships at high speeds, jackassy toward Sith.
Likes: money, a decent fight, blood sports, vice, crime, keeping secrets.
Dislikes: Imperials, hypocrites, law enforcement, being sober, prudes.
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Full Name: Amon Lot
Species: Cathar
Age: 31
Gender: male
Height: tall
Weight: roughly 200 pounds
Eye Color: blue
Distinguishing Characteristics: being large, scars all over his face, doesn't speak often.

Birthplace: sector 15 (slum) Coruscant
Relatives: unknown

+10 Roll: armor (-60 on accuracy)
Gear: minigun style assault cannon, heavy armor
Weaknesses: brashness, being headstrong, being an outright idiot

Past Occupations: gang enforcer, inmate, fugitive, gang enforcer
Current Occupation: pirate enforcer, Tar'goth's partner

Relationship Status: single
Hobbies: cantina fights, scowling.
Disposition: scowling
Likes: fighting, strong leadership, blood sports, ignoring Tar'goth, breaking things.
Dislikes: Tar'goth, cowards, waiting around.
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Full Name: Tar'goth (last name unknown)
Species: Mirialan
Age: 23
Gender: male
Height: average
Weight: average
Eye Color: green
Distinguishing Characteristics: green skin, nervous demeanor, mirialan tattoos, claw wound over left eye.

Birthplace: sector 15 (slum) Corscant
Relatives: mother (deceased) brother (status unknown)

+10 Roll: slicing and engineering
Gear: slicer suit full of electronics, stealth projector on his belt, grapple gun, blaster pistol (only been fired twice, both times on a practice range) dataspikes, utility knife, datapad.
Weaknesses: crappy at combat, kind of a coward, socially awkward.

Past Occupations: gang slicer, inmate, fugitive
Current Occupation: pirate technician, Amon's partner

Relationship Status: single
Hobbies: building and repairing droids and starships for his fellow pirates
Disposition: nervous and fidgety
Likes: a quick credit, using brains rather than brawn, information, get rich quick schemes.
Dislikes: Amon Lot, fighting, facing overwhelming odds, scams that take too long.
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Full Name: Khonn-Zo-Din
Species: Chiss
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Weight:170 ilbs
Eye Color: Red
Distinguishing Characteristics: Grey Skin and the standard piercing red eyes of the Chiss, has his jet black hair tied in a tail and he walks with a confident and precise step.

Birthplace: Concordia
Relatives: Kthrall-Hun-Din (Father/deceased) Chite-ul-Din (Mother/deceased)

+10 Roll: Offensive combat (Master of Ataru Saber Stance)
-Light Beskar Armor for mobility and moderate protection from lightsabers and blaster fire.
-Mandalorian Jetpack
- Two Lightsabers one Green (color of Wisdom and deep connection to the Force) the other Purple (The color of mastery over your emotions and balance with the darkness of the force)
Weaknesses: Social interaction as Khon-Zo-Din shares the logical nature of the Chiss and the isolatory warrior attitudes of both the Mandalorians and the Jedi.

He also shows considerable weakness to his warrior code as a sense of honor that can be exploited.

Past Occupations: Jedi Knight
Current Occupation: Grey Jedi/Mandalorian Bounty Hunter

Relationship Status: Single
Hobbies: Making sure his weaponry and armaments is in tip top order at all times.
Disposition: Stoic and quiet (and if you can make him talk) Logical and emotionless.
Likes:A Good honorable fight and a trained skilled warrior as his challenge also appreciates the fine arts.
Dislikes: The Jedi Order, unpromptness, crude attitude
Hates: The Sith Empire

Of Note: Khonn-Zo-Din was born on the moon of concordia of the Mandalore sector settled by the family Din of Csilla after Khonn's father took his family from their homeworld after being exiled for the death of Hod-Am-Greshek after Hod instigated a bar fight with Kthrall and ended up on the blaster end of Kthralls blaster pistol. On Mandalore defecting members of Clan Vizla raided Concordia settlements and killed Khonns family. Khonn was found by a nearby Jedi Tiber Fulix who sensed the force in the boy and took Khonn in to become a jedi of the republic. after years of training as a Jedi and going upon many missions as a padawan and later knight of the order Mastering form four of lighsaber combat Ataru as well as showing a great connection to the force and resillience against the dark pulls of the dark side, Khonn left the Order formally after seeing weakness in the council. The council did not try to stop Khonn as no darkness was ever sensed in his choices or actions both before or after his departure his lightsabers were taken away but mysteriously vanished after being put in a jedi vault for safe keeping. Khonn then returned back to his birth planet of Mandalore and went through the trials to become a true mandalorian. he was rewarded with light fitted Beskar armor to fit his fighting style with lightsabers. after a few years serving the Clans he went off on his own and became the first force and lightsaber wielding bounty hunter in the galaxy. approach with EXTREME caution if attempting to apprehend he is armed and dangerous if provoked.