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Chapter One
24 years ago…

Thunder rumbles loudly overhead and the otherwise dimly lit room flashes white as a bolt of lightning strikes one of the rods outside the medical chamber.

Dromund Kaas has always had fierce thunderstorms, yet to the young Rattataki female sitting in the birthing chair, this night the storms seemed to be raging stronger than normal. A Human female medical attendant scurries into the room, joining the very pregnant Rattataki and two of the six droids helping to keep her as comfortable as possible.

“My Lord, are you certain you do not want any stims to help ease your pain?” the medical attendant inquires timidly.

Chaldene turns to her in a sudden rage, and using the force, flings the other female into the wall next to the door from which she entered. “I…am SITH…pain…is…a path to…greater power…”, she pants as beads of sweat roll down her ashen, hairless and tattooed head.

The nurse is slow to rise, but manages to do so. She is clutching her left side, a clear indication that one of her ribs had been broken. Several of the medical attendant droids rush to her side, but she waves them off.

“…ugh…Apologizes my Lord…I did not mean to –“

“Be silent, wretched woman!” Chaldene screams at her as another contraction sends shockwaves of pain through her body. “…where is he? I…told you…to send for him!!” the young Sith exclaimed.

“…Your…brother…is…*mmgh*…on his way, Lord Moons.” The nurse replied, as she turned to hobble out of the room. “Damned aliens…” she mumbles to herself when she is out of earshot. She calls for one of the medical droids to attend to her, and once the restorative stims are flowing she finds it slightly easier to breathe and walk.

“Your forth rib has been broken, you require full medical attention.” The droid says.

“Thank you, NX-D1. However, I am not the primary concern here. Darth Vich wants our patient to be as comfortable as possible. 2V-S10, what is the status of the other one? She’s asking about him.” She repiles.

2V-S10, a standard protocol droid, pokes it shiny silver head from around the corner.

“Taygete Moons has received the holocall, I confirmed it personally with Imperial Intelligence.”

As if on cue, a slim and yet well-muscled Rattataki male enters the medical ward. He surveys the room, taking a quick inventory of all those present. It is an unconscious habit he developed, since his initial completion of special intelligence training.

“You don’t look well. I gather you have had a conversation with my sweet sister.” Taygete says to the human nurse.

She sneers at him and replies, “Aren’t you the perceptive one? She’s in the room there, awaiting your arrival.” The nurse tries to point in the direction in which Taygete should travel, but her injury prevents her from doing so. He smiles, nods at her and walks down the dimly lit hall to the birthing room.

He is greeted by a flying piece of medical equipment, which just barely missed his head. “…ah Challie it is good to see you as well” he says as he picks up the device and inspects it.

“They…are coming…” Chaldene grunts at him. The medical droids rush into action, as another bolt of lightning strikes one of the rods outside the window.

“The first child is crowning now Lord Moons.” 2-1B says in its flat mechanical voice. Chaldene screams out in agony as she continues to push. Soon after, her screams are joined by another, smaller – yet equally as powerful scream.

“It is a boy.” 2-1B informs her as another droid swaddles the infant and presents him to his mother. Chaldene looks at the child and smiles, “…his name…is Thyone” she says as she is gripped by a sudden burst of pain from her abdomen. She grunts and curses, pushing hard once again.

“It is a girl.” 2-1B says as it hands off the second child to another droid.

Relieved, Chaldene inspects the baby and says, “Her name is Cevere.” The medical droid scuttles away to clean and vaccinate the baby with her twin brother.

“Very nicely done, Chaldene.” Taygete says to her, “…but you know the Empire will not suffer more of us scurrying about their worlds.”

Thunder rolls in clouds above them, strong enough to shake the room. Unfazed, she smirks at her brother, as she reclines in the bed and says, “…I am certain one if not both of them will be force sensitive; making them highly valuable to the Sith. Darth Malgus has already presented his case on aliens to the council; a decision is soon to come. Besides, you are not force sensitive and you managed to carve out a nice spot for yourself.”

Taygete shrugs and says, “I had to kill many humans for this opportunity – and they still hound me at the training installation.”

Chaldene rolls her eyes at him, “Are you displaying weakness to these humans?”
He snorts and chuckles at her, “…no sweet sister. I am just…venting I suppose. Do you not miss the old world at all? Or even the children’s father?”

She raises a hand at her younger brother dismissing the thought. “The Sith showed us the way to power. In time we will have the respect of the humans.”

“…and if we don’t?” Taygete muses.

“…then we will kill more until we do little brother” she says, smiling wickedly at him.
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nice work
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I very much enjoyed reading this, it's a great story.
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Chapter Two

18 years ago…

“…but I don’t understand Uncle Tay – why do I have to leave?” a distressed Thyone says as he clutches his favorite blanket.

“Is it because I can’t make the stones fly like CeCe? I try really hard every day, I just don’t know why I can’t do it…”

Taygete grabs the boy by the shoulders and kneels down to his level. “Listen to me very carefully Thyone. You must leave this place or you will die here.” He grabs random assortments of clothing items and stuffs them into a small leatheris shoulder bag.

“No I won’t! My mother will protect me!” Thyone shouts, and is instantly silenced by a swift slap to the face from his uncle. Tears swell up in his eyes, and his uncle raises his hand again to the boy, forcing him to hold them back.

“Your sweet mother is the very one who will kill you, foolish child. Here, take your bag we are going. Now.” Shocked, and confused Thyone clears his mind of questions and hurries behind his deadly silent relative.

This night, like thousand before it, a thunderous storm rages over the reclaimed world named Dromund Kaas. Angry flashes of lightning blaze across the sky, briefly illuminating streets of Kaas City as the two shrouded Rattataki make their way through the alleys of the city.

They stop several times as either armed human patrols or population control sentry droids cross their path; keeping to the shadows to avoid the previous and activating Taygete’s personal cloaking device for the latter.

Eventually, they arrive at an indiscriminate warehouse. Taygete waves his hand over the sensor, and a door opens nearby with a muffled ‘shooshing’ sound. They hurry inside, and the older male ensures that the door is sealed behind them.

The warehouse is gigantic, with huge 8x16 sized containers filled with all sorts of durable goods bound for other Sith held worlds. It is dimly lit inside, but not so dark it would be impossible to navigate one’s way around.

The two meander between containers, eventually coming to one that seemed to be of particular interest to his uncle. Taygete taps gently four times on the side and waits. Seconds later, the container opens up and a tawny furred Bothan male emerges from the large metal box.

“This the boy?” he asks.

Taygete nods.

“I don’t want to go with him Tay, I don’t want to leave…” Thyone protests meekly. Taygete scowls at the boy, silencing any further comments.

The Rattataki and the Bothan exchange data pads, and then Taygete turns to his nephew, who again had tears in his wide eyes.

“Remember my face Thyone”, he says as he takes the boy’s hand and traces it along his face and bald, ashen head, “These tattoos are your lineage. I cannot follow you to where you are going, and maybe one day you will come to understand why it had to be this way” he says.

“…but what about CeCe and Mother?” the boy dares to ask.

Taygete shakes his head and says, “You must forget about them, focus on staying alive – you must stay alive.”

He pats the boy on the head and turns to the Bothan. “You’ll get the rest upon confirmation of arrival, Fiarr.”

Fiarr Bura’bun nods at the tall Rattataki and says, “…I know the conditions of our bargain, you came to me because you trust me. “

To that, Taygete snorts and smiles.

“What is trust these days anyway?”
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