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The back story

Robert Mayfield, a human boy, training to be a Jedi under the watchful of Master Ora Don, a green skin Twi’lek women with the body of a dance. It was clear to Robert that she like him had not always been a Jedi, the way she moved more like a dancer, and the way she sometimes addressed the other Masters gave it way easily, Ora also like Robert came from Nar Shaddaa, but unlike her Robert and his family were refugees from Alderaan choosing not to take aside in the war with a new born son the left. Robert was 10 when a Jedi Master found him doing odd jobs for some time Hutt, after a little time Robert was taken to Tythoo where the real story begins.

“Robb, by the force, WAKE UP!” Master Ora, yelled.
“5 more minutes ,” as he rolled over in his bed.
Master Ora cracked a small but evil grin, using the force to pick up his bed and fling him to the ground, landing hard on his butt.
“Damn! Find I’ll get up.”
“ Good and hurry up day we are going to Nar Shaddaa to help Master Yao Yung with some Diplomacy between the Hutts .”
“We as in me and me doing all the grunt work.”
“Don’t think of it like that, you are a big help with carrying on the paper work around.”
“Not to mention all the stuff you will buy when done.’
“A Jedi is always happy is help.” Ora said with a smile.
Robert throws his pillow at her and hitting her in the face, and they both laugh.
A few moments later Ro and Ora are on a shuttle to Nar Shaddaa, Rob wonders to himself on the trip if his family is this there and would they even know him notice him his brown and tan robes if they did see him.
“Master, my I try and find my parents after we are done helping Master Yung?”
“Of course you can, Robb.”
Rob simply bowed his head and said “thank you.” The rest of the trip was run of the mill.
When they docked that Nar Shaddaa Master Yung was there waiting for them, an old man with a mole growing on his head like a 3rd eye.
“Master Ora and Padawan Robert how nice you could come to help me out.” Yung said with a deep bow.
“Anytime for an old friend and former Master.” Ora said as she hugged him.
After a few kind words Yung told them of duties they were to do, and as Rob had known he got most the grunt work, make sure everything was just right for the meeting, sometime using his training saber as a guile rod to tell people were to put things. After everything was in place the Rob could get away and try to find his family.
Rob waited till meeting, seeing to everyone needs before leave, when he saw some one he knew from the old day a Chiss that he had played with as boy named Caldon.
Caldon was a servant of one of the Hutts and would not miss if they talked. After a little time pasted they slip away.
“Caldon, you old viper, how you doing?”
“How am I, how are you? Man a Jedi, got say I never though you make it.” He said laughing.
“ Hey can you help me out, I’m trying to find my folks.”
Caldon’s face went long, “Rob, I can’t believe the Jedi didn’t tell you.”
“Tell me what?”
“Your dad died like 7 years ago and your mom and sister are both slaves to a Hutt named Slab.”
“What? Tell me you’re pulled my chain.”
“I’m sorry Rob, but it’s true.”
Rob mind race with though of his mother and father.
“What sister I don’t…”
“About a year after you left they had a baby girl name Siry.”
Robert world once again screamed around him trying to put everything in place.
“Where can I find this Slab he’s the one called this meeting and asked for the Jedi to help?”
Rob’s anger grow and with every past second it got stronger, Rob unable to hold himself back burst in to the room.
“WHERE IS MY FAMILY, SLAB!” Rob yelled that the top of his lungs.
“What are you taking about?”
“My family you slimy slug! A women and a girl slave named Mary and Siry, Where are they!”
“ I don’t know what to are talking about I don’t even …”
Rob was not having any of his lies Caldon had never lied to him in his life. Rob grabs his training saber and turned it on.
“Rob, calm down tell me what is happening.” Ora said but Rob was not able to hear her.
Slab waved over some guards over to remove him but Rob, driven by rage knocked them out and jumped over the table to Beat the truth out of Slab, Ora and Yung used for the force to push him to the ground hold him there Rob what’s going on just then red colored saber stabbed thru Master Yung Chest, Master Ora had just notice the small build girl behind Master Yung before she struck, Ora pulled out here saber and blocked all the bows thrown that her, Rob was free and still driven by rage moved to Slab.
“Wait please I dot even own slave that why I called this meeting , went to end slavery on this world.” Slab said.
“Rob its true, He called meeting to get the Jedi to help him with the other Hutts .”
“Yes, but now that will not happen thanks to you.” The girl hissed.
Rob stopped in his tracks and cleared his mind as he had been though, he felt now fear from Slab but form lying, Rob went cold for a moment “she used me.” In my anger I almost killed someone.

Rob now focused on the girl that was fight Master Ora, her moves were at best wild Rob throw himself at her and in 1 move put here on the ground Master Ora held her down, Rob heard footsteps running away, Caldon had taken the chance to run but did not get far Rob using the force caught up with him a throw him to the ground. With his boot on his chest Rob demanded he tell him where his family was. Caldon barely make out 1 word Coruscant.
Rob turned him over to the Republic Officers and went back to see Ora, who still had the girl pinned down.
“Tell me, why girl?” Ora asked.
“The Sith need slaves and this is the best place to get them, at what my master said and that all I’m saying damn Jedi.”
Rob ran to the side of Master Yung, he was not breathing , Rob checked for a pulse but there was not one, Rob bowed his head and covered the body with robe.
“I’m sorry Master Yung, I’m sorry.” Rob said with tears in his eyes.
“Robert, you know better, “there is no Death…”Ora said.
“…there is only the force” Rob finished.
The girl started to Laugh uncontrollably, “I got me 1”

After few a moments other Republic Officer show up and took the girl in
“Master, forgive me.” Rob said.
“I do, Rob, but it’s not just me you have to a ask forgiveness form.”
Rob turned to Slab and kneeled before him,” I can’t undo what happen but please give me a chance to make amines.”
“Master Yung was a great man a good friend; you are picking up where he ended. End the slavery and make it so all can live in peace. I will not forgive you; you must redeem yourself for what has happen today.” Slab turned and slid away. Robert had taken the words to heart he would use the force to help people form her on, never again would he letting his anger drive him.

3 month later

Caldon had lied about his father being dead he was a alive and will as laborer working to rebuild Coruscant his mother was had become a nurse that help keep the works and yes he had a little sister named Siry no older than 6, Rob could feel the force flowing throw her much as it did throw him maybe one day they would both be Jedi.
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WARING WARING WARING get a beer and hold on its going to be a long story with lots of misspellings for no go raisin :)

Robb and Space Cowboys

Robb, 23 years old, was sent to Balmorra to find and free a kidnapped Jedi named Siry, she was Robb’s little sister and had followed in he’s footsteps, taking up the lightsaber and becoming the protector of the Republic. While on a peace mission, she had been captured by a Sith Lord named Idunnr, who wanted to take her to Dromund Kaas and turn her to the dark side, hoping to pull Robb as well she had connected him directly and had demanded he come alone.
Robb was no fool knowing it was a trap he took the holo to the Masters were they debited if they should send Robb or not in the end the choose us that Robb had to go it was the only way to make sure Idunnr didn’t kill Siry. But the Sith controlled Balmorra and flying in would be almost impossible for Robb, and he hated flying and hated to idea of getting shot down more, they need someone with years of training and good grasp of what the Imps would do. Robb Had made the suggestion that using someone new to Republic group of mercenaries that had that one time been part of the Empire but for whatever reason had turned against them.
Robb heard of them through word of mouth and know what they could but how much would it cost him. He got there holo from some people on Tatooine and made the call. The blue figure of a woman stood in front of him and almost shouting, “This is Red Queen, of the Space Cowboys, What do you went?”
“I got a job that needs a good pilot and knows how to get in Imperial strong holds, money is no object this comes straight from Jedi Order and we needed to keep it quiet.”
“What am I carrying and where to?”
“Only me and another Jedi and I’m going to Balmorra.”
“What’s on Balmorra that so important?”
“This is the part that needs to stay quiet, a Jedi named Siry, she being held by a Sith lord named Idunnr…”
“Did you say, Idunnr?”
“Yes, is there a problem?”
The line went quiet for a moment, the Red Queen came back “You got yourself and a crew and all the money we need is to cover damage and expenses. Deal?”
“Deal, where do you want to meet?”
“That the Fleet, say 0600 tomorrow.”
“See you there.” The holo fade off and Robb ready himself for whatever may come “hold on Siry, I’m coming”
On the Fleet Robb met Red Queen and notice where she got her name from. A simple nod was all that was needed and they were on their way. Robb’s mind raced about what had happen to Siry, he pushed all that aside and walked the ship where he found Red checking over all hear equipment, all her brought was his lightsaber and a few Kolto packs she came for a war.
“Red, if you don’t mind me asking, why did you take this job so cheap?”
Red was silent for a moment then spook ice cold words “the Sith Lord, Idunnr tried to kill me once I plan to return the favor.”
“That’s fine with me but, only after I get my sister…” Robb gasping, trying to pull the last word back before she could say something, but she never did.
“I’ll honor the deal we made but know these when I get a shot I’m taking it.”
Robb nodded and turned away. The rest of the trip was in almost pure silence. As they got close to Balmorra Robb could feel Siry in pain. “Almost there get ready.” Red said over the com.
After some close calls and near misses Red and Robb were over the strong hold and ready to land red noticed Red carried a HUGE assault canon and wear trooper armor, when they touched down 10 men wearing deep blue uniforms ran out weapons drawn and aiming Red mowed them down with no problem, “Robb they let’s go!!!”
Robb looked down to the men and had notice the didn’t wear Imp color at all they had odd symbols like a dragon on their clothes they ran in to no more men tell the came to the main holding area even then they didn’t seem to move till Red opened fire on them and only to fall down. As they moved room to room looking for a Siry Robb could feel something change in him like a darkness wakening form somewhere, till they came upon a room that open up and there in the middle the room was Siry on her knee front of Idunnr.
“Just as I had for seen.” Said Idunnr with an evil little smile.
“I told you come alone, Robb but no matter I see how this ends”
“Siry are you okay?”
“Yes, big brother I’m fine. I’m perfectly fine.”
Robb felt the force get cold a, Siry looks up and sends a bolt of lightning that Red and the last moment he grabbed her and moves in to the way taking the full hit himself knocking him out.
“OH very good my dear, you may have killed him. But the Red head is mine.”
Red lifted her gun at Idunnr but she had used the force and throws a wall of lightning that her knocking her back some ways the armor taking most of the pain. Robb slowly coming to a tries reach out for Siry as if he was trying to hold her hand and another bolt came flying in but Robb had put up a defense around him and Red with all might he stood up and pushed back and sent to back that Siry knocking her clear across the room. Red rised her canon fried off a few rounds all missed their targets Idunnr was just too fast, till Robb jumped in and with one swing was able to take her off balance, Red put to in her chest and a third in her left leg she was almost crippled the shot the leg Red moved in slowly firing as she went but Idunnr could still block the bolts a jump back to where Siry had landed “I won’t die to day, Red” And with that she pulled a small remote out of her robes a pushed the buttons the next thing you know there were BOOMS coming here all around them, Robb and Red fight to keep their balance as the building came down around them they made a run for it and got back to Red’s ship in time to take off.
“DAMN!!!!” yelled Red as she slammed her fist down on the walls of the ship.
“I HAD HER!!!”
Robb just stayed quiet trying to find out you Siry had attacked them.
“Red, set a course for Tython so we can get you healed and paid.”
“Paid for what, we didn’t finish the deal.”
Robb looked that her puzzled
“Can’t let the word get out that Space Cowboys failed a contract.”
“Okay then let us pay you for expenses.”
Red seemed to get a small smell across her face, “seems I owe you some thanks for pushing me out of the way back there.
“It was nothing.”
“No I pay my debts and I would like to give you a place in the Space Cowboys. You won’t have to do anything but help me find Idunnr.”
“If I join you must know, my duty’s to the Jedi come first.”
“No problem there.”
“Then you got a deal I help find Idunnr and you help me save Siry.”
Red and Robb shook hands and that was that. When they landed on Tython Red was alright feeling better and as be taken to the Infirmary she looked back and yelled “SEE YOU LATER SPACE COWBOY!!!”
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There is no death…
Robb was in deep meditation one day, waiting to for orders to come down from the Jedi High Council, he had been sent to handle peace talks on a back water, outer rim planet between two warring factions. The talks went well and peace Robb had his mind elsewhere, it had been almost months from when Redqueen and he had almost saved his sister Siri and kill Idunnr, he played it over and his mind trying to find a way he could have saved Siri. In the time that passed Robb and the space Cowboys had become friends and he been given an officer rank the guild he enjoyed being around almost everyone, but a Mirialan woman named Andarta, an old friend form Redqueen’s past, had always rubbed him he wrong way. There was something about her that he could shake and feeling that she had a hold on the dark side and was keeping it hidden from everyone but without proof Robb couldn’t say anything, she wasn’t evil; cold hearted, but nothing he couldn’t see the logic in.

Robb’s mind wonder till the holocom beeped to life.
It was Master Satele Shan, “Robb, how goes the talks?”
“We finished just a little a while ago they both agreed to the peace terms.”
“Good, that world my not hold any real value but it always good to make friends.”
“Master Satele, what are my new orders, if you don’t mind?”
“Robb you have been take missions more than almost anyone else lately are you sure you don’t want to take a break?”
“Thank you, but no the Imps aren’t taking the breaks, so we can’t.”
“That’s true but everyone else only takes a few missions then some time off, you need rest Robb and I think this best...”
“Master Satele, there’s still people dying out there how can I take a vacation with a war going on?”
“Robb I can feel your anger form Tython. Claim your mind.”
After a few deep breaths Robb claimed down and saw what she meant “Ok, Master Satele, I’ll go take some time to get my head on right, and sorry for snapping on you like that.”
“It’s okay Robb, just get some rest, there a planet called Kashyyyk, do you know it?”
“Yes, the Wookie home world but why do there?”
“I went one time and felt a deep peace there maybe you can to.”
“Well may head there thank you Master.”
“Just take your time and come back when you’re ready, Satale out.”
As the holo turned off he felt a little better about everything. As he made his way to his ship he choose to go the Kashyyyk dropping off his crew on the Fleet so he could have some real alone time.

As he landed on the forest world of Kashyyyk he felt a strong pull if the living force here, he quickly understood Master Satale’s deep peace as he left the ship deep peace washed over him like that of a cold water fall, it seemed to clean him of all cares that if the war was not even real anymore and as he moved deeper to in the forest it became more and more peaceful, after find a clearing he sat on the ground can began his meditation. After some time he felt a new presents around him almost cold but somehow a warm feeling, he open his eyes to see a force ghost standing front of him, a short fit human women with curly hair, “about time you got here.”
“What are you talking about? Who are you?”
“Just a normal Jedi like you, the name is Siry.”
Robb froze still as his mind raced. “Did, did you say Siry.”
Robb couldn’t stop think of Siry and how she had turned to the dark side coulkd she have been killed and now haunting him for his failure
“Hey Mister, you and there.”
He had to know for sure if it was her…
“Tell me Siry do you know where you wore born?”
“Sure I do, it was Coruscant and you’re my big bro Robb.” she said with a same smile she had when she was a kid.
Robb could not hold back anymore the tears in his eyes.
“Hey why are you crying, big bro?”
“I sorry Siry, Im so sorry, couldn’t save you. I wasn’t fast enough, I wasn’t strong enough, I wasn’t good enough to save to.”
Siry walked over to him sat down close him and then hit him on top if his head like there dad had always don’t when they did something wrong.
“You couldn’t save me, Robb no could have not even all the masters could have saved me but I know you tried.”
Robb tried to hug her, fall to the ground and landed on this face and dirt turning in to mud with his tears. “Why are you here Siry why not spare me this pain?”

“Before I die the force gave me a vision of you, I saw a you standing with people of ever race and creed leading a charge against the Empire I saw that women to, the trooper that came with you to save me, you all rushed in a fight with power I can’t even think how the works to explain it the only word he fits is “wow” and then time pasts and I see you a women a young Jedi welding 2 sabers she becomes your wife and you have a child and you live long life of love and peace, but the vision changed and I saw every one of your friend dying that the hands of a male Sith warrior dress in pure blood red armor.”

“Siry, how do I stop him. “
“Robb I don’t know how to tell you this, but i think he is you if you turn to dark side.”
“I’ll never turn to the dark side Siri, you know that.”
“That’s why im here Robb to help you to make sure you don’t. Idunnr is every powerful she twist minds, you can’t face her nor can anyone other than someone named Andarta I think the name is.”
“Andarta, she a friend of Red’s but shes not…”
“Yes, she is Robb, I dont know how but she can hold off the dark side long enough to kill Idunnr.”
“What about Red, she almost punched a hole in my ship when she missed her, she want to get her revenge.”
“And that what you must stop her Robb. I grow weak I have to go.”
“Please don’t Siry don’t leave me again.”
Siry knocking on his head again but this time much softer.
“You know better, there is death…”
“There is only the force.”
“I will always be there for you Robb just like you were.”
Siry slowly fades out and then Robb was alone again, but this time Robb was not troubled, his mind clear and focused on what he had to do. Find Idunnr and make sure Andarta killed her.

After a few more days pasted he set course for the Fleet to tell the guild what he had learned. “Red is not going like this” he keep thing but she had to know and so did Andarta.
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Master and Padawan

Robb had been ordered back to Tython for a meeting with Council. He was not told why he had been summoned but Siry told him it was not going to be a for anything he had done. As he landed on Tython he he was greeted by a female jedi wearing padawan robes and a training saber it struck Robb that his had pure white hair but did look at old.

“Hello, Master Robb the Council asked me to greet you when you got world side.” she said with a nervous shake in her.

“Hello there, any clue why the Council wants to see me?” he asked with a kind tone to his voice.

She turn a dark red and said with a little an embarrassed “well no not really.”

Robb put his hand on her shoulder and with a smile, “don't worry about it.”
She exhaled quickly and went back to looking normal “What's wrong?” Robb asked.

“Its just your kind of my hero, you saved so many people and you never ask thing for yourself, like that one time you killed 70 Sith with just a look or that one time you moved the stars to...”

“Stop, where did you hear that?”

“The other padawans said about you.”

“i’m just a jedi nothing more nothing less. Now come on, oh i'm sorry i didn't get your name.”

“It’s Sayul, and its nice to meet you.”

“And you Padawan Sayul.”

They hoped and a speeder and made their way to the Temple. Robb and Sayul spoke till they reached the Temple, there Robb was greeted by almost every padawan, asking question about the if he really could shoot fireballs from his fire. “PLEASE I’LL TALK YOU ALL LATER I MUST SEE THE COUNCIL.” Robb said with a big booming voice.

“Who started all this dumb rumors about me?’

“That would have been me my Padawan.” a green skinned twi’lek said from behind him.

“Master Oro, its been too long.” Robb said giving her a big hug.

“Ouch!” she said. Robb then remembered the last time they meet she had a good piece of her arm burned off by a random Sith and the pain never went away.

“I'm sorry Master.”

“Is okay, So what have you really been up to since last we saw each other?”

“Trying to find the Sith that killed Siry and bring them to justice.”

“Oh my, i don't know Siry had died i’m so sorry.”

“Masters, i hate to breaks this but Robb needs to see the Council.” Sayul said with hushed tone.

“Yes, i’ve held you up long enough: my prays are with Siry, Robb, may the force be with you.”

“Thank you Master, we’ll talk more later, okay?” and with that Robb and Sayul turned away and moved to the Council doors Sayul knock 3 times and then pushed the doors open. Robb and Sayul walk thru and she closed the doors behind them. Robb was surprised by how few Master were there, but with the war going he understood way. Master Satale was there and so were 3 other Masters but Robb didn't know there names.

“Masters.” Robb’s voice echoed thru the room.

“Hello Robb, it good you came please sit and you Padawan Sayul.”Satele said.

“Masters, could someone tell me why i have been summoned?”

“Of course we wish for you to take a roll here on Tython.”

“Like what combat trainer?”

“No more like taking your first Padawan learner.” one of the other Masters said.

“Who do you want me to...Sayuls to be my Padawan.”

“What!!! MASTER ROBB IS GOING TO BE MY MASTER!!!” Sayul yelled out of excitement.

Satele giggled a little bit “ Yes, Sayul you are going to be his Padawan, if Robb choices so.”

She looked at Robb with stars in her eyes, begging without saying a word. “Well I can't no to that face i guess.” “YEAH!!!!!!!” she cried as she jumped out of her seat. “ I got the coolest master, i got the coolest master, oh ya, oh ya...” Robb clears his throat loudly to make her stop dancing and sit back down. “Sorry, Master...” she said in a little child's voice. Robb gave low laugh and all the other Master did the same. “and with that we are done here.” Master Satele said standing up to leave. Robb stood and gave a small bow to her and the other Masters, Sayul did the same but bang her head off the table, all the Master couldn’t stop it this time and started to laugh out loud, Sayul grab her head and made her way out with Robb.

“Oh i think this is going to be fun, Sayul.”
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the first lesson

It been one day sinc Robb and Sayul were paired together and made Master and Padawan. Sayul couldn’t sleep, she was too nervous and she didn’t want to let Robb down. That sunrise Robb was waiting that the edge of a pound looking into in with tears in his eyes and a sad face.

“Master? What’s wrong?” Sayul asked.

“It’s nothing, just think. So first day of training. Nervous?”

“Very, so what you i learn first? How to Take down 5 Sith with one move or how to drag a starship out of the sky or...”



“Its okay, lets start by moving some water.”

“Moving water, really Master?”

“First stop calling me Master all the time, Second this teaches control, to flow with the force not fight it.”

Sayual thought this was silly but tryied anyway she focused her mind and minded the water back and forth, but she didn’t feel anything. Robb could see that she needed more and asked her the pull some water up in a ball and hold it there. Sayul could pick the water up but could hold in it in the ball shape, she tried and tried but no matter how much she could not do it.

“I can’t, Robb.”

“Yes you can, try again.”

“I CAN’T!”

“Sayul, calm down, you just started now try again.”

Sayul cleared her mind and focused on holding the water ball but she just couldn’t do it, she was just get angry. Robb saw this and walked into the water about waist deep and lifted all water the pound above his and made it from almost flawless balls orbiting him and floating thru the air like it was nothing. Sayul was shocked that what she saw, the small fish had even been lifted and swam in the balls. Then Robb pull them down so softly at it never even a drop just lost. Robb walked over to her, and leaned “That is why you fail, now try again and this time don’t think just feel the force.” Sayul sat at the edge of the pound looking at it and clearing her mind then she put out one hand and lifted a ball of water above it and almost perfectly round ball came up, Robb looked on with a proud smile.

“She learns faster than you did, Robb. Took you almost a month just to make a passable ball” Oro said from Behind Robb.

“Yeah, maybe i'm better at this teaching thing then you.” Robb said with a laugh.

Oro lightly punch is arm and pulled him down to whisper something in his ear, “Red, called she needs you to call her back asap, okay.”

“Thank you.”

After A few hours Robb, Sayul, and Oro sat under a tree to have some lunch. Robb got up to make the call to Red, Oro was telling a story where she and Robb once almost ended up being a Nexus diner.

“This is Robb, what's up Red?”

“Hey, Robb need to ask something, you ever run into a Sith Mors Carnis?”

“Name doesn’t ring a bell, why?”

“Just got a message from a soldier, and he wants to meet you on Nar Shaddaa and he giving was Idunnr as good will gift.”

“You can’t trust a SIth, you know that better then most.”

“True but it's too good to pass up.”

“I’ll meet him, but don't do anything till you hear from me, deal?”

“Deal, sending you the date the place.”

Robb turned off his holo and walked back over to them and sat down to listen to the rest of the story and think about Mors Carnis and why he wanted to meet him. After a little time passed Robb pulled Oro away to talk to her.

“I have something to do. Could you train Sayul till i get back?”

“Are you going after Idunnr?”

“No, theres a Sith who wants to meet with me and he’s giving her up as a goodwill gift.”

“You can't go alone, let me and Sayul come, just to watch your back.”

“No, Sayul not ready to take on a Sith, I can't protect her if something happens.”

“Robb your more powerful than me, i’ll make sure nothing happens to her but I’m not letting to go alone.”

“Fine, but I would feel better if we had some more back up.”

“I know this Trooper, good guy i have him meet us there.”

Robb gave in to his old Master's wishes and they both moved back to Sayul who was relaxing in the shade of a tree, taking in the nice day. Robb called Sayul back to the side of the pound to begin training again. Robb was still unsure if he could protect her, but Oro she would so he just had to put trust in the force and hope nothing happened in this meeting.
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