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[Pinned] Announcement
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[Pinned] Announcement

Friends, although the oppressive regime of the Kiy administration has finally come to an end, sympathizers of the insurgency still roams among us. It is our duty, for the safety of ourselves, the safety of our children and wives, the security of a...
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[Pinned] Reminder: Guild Rules

Everyone knows the 3 rules we've had for years: 1. Blame Andarta, 2. Never accept summons from Bribri, and 3. Don't be a dick. But since we've grown and become a more diverse and greater presence on the server, I think it might be time to clarify ...
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[Pinned] Endgame Gear Crafting Directory [Open Thread]

Post things you can craft! Armorings, enhancements, mods, barrels, implants, earpieces, relics, and hilts!---------------------------------------------------------Mure can make Black Hole Mender's MK-1 System and Columi Survivor's Implant.Black Ho...
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[Pinned] Blood Pact Weekly Tournament

Blood Pact is hosting a 1v1 lvl 65 bracket dueling tournament (aka pvp style). It is being held every Saturday at 10pm est. The winner of the tournament gets bragging rites as well as 5 mil to put in their pockets. We are an invited guild so no en...
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Throw me your most daring suggestions! Let's make SWTOR great again!
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[Pinned] Augments! [Open Thread]

Making this thread for anyone who can craft augments (namely "Advanced ____ Augment 22"s). Post what you can make and are willing to supply to people, along with your price.At present, I can make Advanced Critical Augment 22, Advanced Redoubt Augm...
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[Pinned] Secondary Progression Group (4.0)

So some enthusiasm has been raised for the formation of a secondary progression team. This group will have the same rules and regulations as the first, and will do comparable content, but will be at a different day and time and have different play...
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[Pinned] 3.0 Progression Groups

It's been a while since we've tried progression, hasn't it? So let's get it goin' again, with some HM Ravagers and stuff like that! Here's the signup page. So let's see some signups. As we set times and days, and even the groups, this thread will ...
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[Pinned] Progression Ops Groups

It has been decided to try and form two progression Ops groups for Sundays, assuming we are going to be able to find enough people to form two. This thread is for people to sign up for the progression groups. Note that this is a complete reconstru...
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[Pinned] Exotech Stims

[Pinned] Exotech Stims

Currently, I can craft Exotech Command Stim, Exotech Skill Stim, Exotech Fortitude Stim , Exotech Resolve Stim, and Exotech Might Stim in stacks of 3.All I need is 4 Radioactive Paste, I'll supply the rest.Just mail supplies to Mure (Rep) or Kyvii...
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[Pinned] Crafting Augmentation Kit MK-6 [Armstech]

For an Armstech to craft one Augmentation Kit MK-6: 2 x Subelectronic Data Module 10 x Augmentation Slot Component MK-6 2 x Durasteel 2 x Thermoplast Flux 2 x Zal Alloy For an Armstech to acquire 10 x Augmentation Slot Component MK-6, any...
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May The 4th Be With You All....

Ya'll are never far from my thoughts...even Dart.
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5.x+ Crafting

Hi all, just wanted to list everything I can craft (rating 230) as of now:Cybertech:MK-4 Adept DeviceMk-4 Quick Savant DeviceAdept Enhancement 46Bastion Enhancement 46Bulwark Enhancement 46Efficient Enhancement 46Immunity Enhancement 46Studios Enh...
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Karolin's Art Thread (Commissions Open) (NSFW)

So, as I stated in my introduction I am a writer as well as a freelance artist. I do a lot of my artwork just to illustrate my stories and take the occasional commission, especially if the piece involves a story I am a part of or they are friends ...
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A rant about 5.0 : over the line

What does swtor have to do to push me over the line? To cause me and thousands of others to unsub? To lose the following they have. What will it take to cross the point where they are no longer forgiven? Where they are no longer trusted? I think I...
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PVP Night

In yesterday's guild meeting there was some interest in holding a PVP night at least once a week. Here I'd like everyone to voice their opinions as to when it would be best to run this. Sure Sunday is the obvious open spot on the calendar but I th...
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Character Backstory

The Alpha Legacy - "Last One Standing" (Current OPS)

Voss....There was a time Mrysti lived for moments like these. The feel of the wind as it blew in from the open cargo door, her hair whipping wildly against the wind. It was those precious few moments of preparation and reflection on what was about...
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How can we improve the guild?

What would you like to see in the future? What can we improve on? What are we doing great at? Do you want to see more ops, flashpoints or RP? Suggest anything you'd like :)In essence can you think of anything you would like us to improve on or is ...
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Character Backstory

Cloudwalker Legacy - Dävon

Dävon was born around 3660 BBY, around the time that the Sith Empire’s blockade had finally been broken by a band of smugglers… Dävon was born around 3660 BBY, around the time that the Sith Empire’s blockade had finally been broken by a band of sm...
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CXP: Your Thoughts?

I am curious how you guys feel about CXP and changes to gear rewards.I find myself in a very strange place. I want to be open to this new system because it's a different way about rewarding gameplay. But....I am a conditioned gamer that has always...
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