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Level 55 Chiss Sith Warrior Marauder
Played by Kiy
Primary Profession
First daughter of Sryk'yvi'ichen, later Khadia Asuret, Sakrit was quickly taken by her father, Lord Byrunas, and groomed to be his apprentice and heir. She was rarely exposed to the galaxy, Byrunas preferring to keep her as his "shadow assassin" - though it may have been his embarrassment at having a female, Chiss heir that necessitated her sequestering. At only four years old, Sakrit was reintroduced to her now Republic military mother when Byrunas discovered her continued survival and shot down her ship over Dantooine, capturing both Khadia and her two-week old son, Kaorus Markov. Though contact between mother and daughter was kept to a strategic minimum during Khadia's ten year imprisonment, Sakrit frequently brought her mother scraps of food and occasionally spent time simply speaking and socializing with the woman. Byrunas's long-term abuse of Khadia greatly disturbed the impressionable young Chiss, but her devotion to her father and Master never wavered - though she herself would never participate in the experiments performed in those dungeons.
Sakrit bore witness to one particular experiment, however, that would play a pivotal role in her life. Its eventual success made Khadia a threat to the Empire itself, one that could not be allowed to return to Republic custody.
Ten years into Khadia's captivity, her husband and daughter would manage to break into Byrunas's dreadnaught in a desperate campaign to rescue her and reunite the estranged family. In the ensuing conflict, Byrunas was slain by Khadia's husband and Sakrit herself managed to claw out Kaeora's right eye; it would mark the beginning of a conflict that would last a year, as Sakrit attempted to recapture Khadia for the good of the Empire and to secure her Master's secrets. In the process, Sakrit takes Kaorus, whom Byrunas had sent to Korriban to be trained as Sith, as her apprentice.

[ to be continued. ]