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Level 60 Cathar Imperial Agent Sniper
Played by Kiy
Primary Profession
Matriarch of the Asuret family, and former Agent Sryk'yvi'ichen, Kyvii's service in Imperial Intelligence was unparalleled by her contemporary patriots. She rose through the ranks with determination and poise til she at last was assigned as personal hitman and executioner of Lord Byrunas. However, her initial naive excitement at the promotion soon turned bitterly south, as she found herself the Sith Lord's personal slave. By Lord Byrunas, she conceived a daughter, who would be taken from her midst at birth after being christened with the name 'Sakrit' to be converted into Byrunas's apprentice and heir, despite his longing for a son. The loveless relationship soon ended, as Byrunas dealt what was intended to be a killing blow to the former Agent, and left her to die on Corellia.
After regaining consciousness at a Republic medical center, Kyvii made the life-altering decision to use her Imperial death to forge a new identity: Khadia Asuret.

[continued on Khadia's character sheet.]