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Level 55 Human Jedi Consular Shadow
Played by Kiy
Primary Profession
Unlikely daughter of Khadia and Kralus Markov, Kaeora spent her childhood and adolescence on Tatooine after being found on Dantooine in the wreckage of her mother's ship by a Twi'lek woman she knew only as 'Lady.' On Tatooine, Kaeora lived with four orphaned boys and Lady on a moisture farm in the Jundland Sea. While it wouldn't dawn on her for years to come that she and the boys were technically slaves of the old woman, Kaeora never held any contempt for her foster mother; rather, she relished her time spent in the desert, and nurtured an adventurous love of the dunes and its secrets. If asked, Kaeora would recount any of a number of stories involving her and her brothers, perhaps even the family's Dewback, Doc - preferably over a glass of hard liquor.
Upon finding a badly worn and broken double-bladed saber being sold by a Jawa, Kaeora took the opportunity to flee the world and seek adventure across the galaxy. She repaired the saber and made her way to the Core worlds, where she took residence in a crate in the corner of a hangar on Carrick Station. Some would be disheartened by the lack of a home, but Kaeora maintained her bubbly optimism. By day, Kaeora masqueraded as a Jedi Master, imagining her alternative personality impromptu as she met pilots and real Jedi alike.
A few months after her arrival on Carrick, Kaeora stumbled across a distraught soldier in the cantina that would eventually come to convince her that he was her father, and had been spending the last ten years searching for Kaeora, her twin, and mother. Kaeora made up her mind to help her father, and began working with him to figure out exactly what caused the crash that scattered her family.

[ continued on Sakrit's character sheet. ]