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Level 65 Chiss Trooper Commando
Played by Kiy
Primary Profession
[ continued from Kyvii's character sheet. ]

Upon joining the Republic military, the former Agent Sryk'yvi'ichen took on the name Khadia Asuret to start anew. Naturally adept and comfortable in military surroundings, she quickly progressed through Republic ranks, despite lingering prejudices regarding her race; the pigment of her skin would long provide her greatest obstacle in earning the trust of Republic authorities and citizens alike. Taking a particular interest in combat medicine, Khadia was soon assigned to a Lieutenant Kralus Markov as a personal medic and companion. Countless campaigns and successful missions made the two a nearly unstoppable duo in the eyes of the Republic, and a force to be reckoned with in the Imperial eye. Only three years after her defection, Khadia and Kralus were married.
Shortly after the marriage, Khadia took maternity leave and gave birth to a pair of human twins: Kaeora and Kaorus. Despite her intentions, she would never return to active service.
Two weeks after the birth of her children, while her husband was deployed on a planet-side operation, the BT-7 Thunderclap that housed the family was shot down in Dantooine space, sending the ship plummeting into the amethyst fields of the mining world. Though no bodies were recovered, it would be ten years before any progress is made in the search for the twins and their mother.

[ continued on Kaeora's character sheet. ]