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Level 55 Mirialan Smuggler Gunslinger
Played by Xillala
Primary Profession
Secondary Profession
AKA The Sidewinder
AKA El Indio

Callous, nervy and skittish, Xillalla's eager (self-) application of the phrase "impeccable personal smoothness" at first seems little more than bombast. To wit, the only real check on Xillala's frightful avarice is her equally-frightful vanity, expressed in an impractical and idiosyncratic fashion sense.

Aside from her ruthlessly-polished boots, one element of her humble beginnings remains--a bizarre, mismatched pair of ancient blasters, modeled on the A-300 Heavy Sonic Needler: the first, a bulky, heavily-modified monstrosity ("Jackie-Boy"), and a trim, elegant version ("Jillybean").

Shallow, materialistic, and narcissistic to the extreme, once hand met hip it become clear Xill's curious marriage of compulsive extravagance and obsessive perfectionism (at the cost of hundreds of thousands of credits and countless hours of scouring, modification and augmentation) had produced showpieces every bit as lethal as they were stylish...

the cautious gunslinger of impeccable personal smoothness

Heists, Capers, & Giggledust.
"Say when."