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Level 55 Zabrak Sith Warrior Juggernaut
Played by Dart


It's all about red, RedDragons skin is blood red, she wears a crimson cloak, and harnesses a fiery lightsaber.

Through Influencial Power You May Change The Universe

Killing, torturing, scheming, planning, and collecting rare porcelain dolls.
Though many think she is called the RedDragon thanks to her appearance, those close to her know she's called the RedDragon for her ruthless often scheming behavior. She single handedly stole the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate from RedQueen with in a months time. She has converted many to her cause often corrupting minds and tainting souls. If pure insane psychopath evil were to exist in physical form, Idunnr or the RedDragon would be it.

Evil takes many paths, some evils seeks to destroy, some evil seems to kill, some evil wants to see the world burn, but the evil Idunnr contains some consider to be the worst. The evil to manipulate, to scheme, to use people so they harm each other. The evil to destroy the preys reputation, the preys family, the preys way of life, before finally torturing and killing the prey. It is to see a man at the top of the mountain fall, crashing into the pits of hell before being swallowed up. There are several examples of this happening, one of which is documented in The Story of Ororo. A pure minded Republic citizen turned into an evil corrupted sith soul just to be used as a tool to harm others.

When she isn't smearing guts or manipulating another poor soul, Idunnr can be found playing with her porcelain dolls locked deep in her imagination. Some think it's her escape from reality, others think that is her reality and treats life outside of her imagination as a sick game.

However, through all this madness Idunnr has a strong sense of judgement often trying to protect the weak and destroy the powerful. She sees herself as a disruptor of power, a tool to forge a new day, a day where the weak will rise up. Does this mean the weak are never targets? No, it doesn't work like that. What this means is she will always fight against those who sit at the top, if that means you must manipulate a lesser, weaker target to do so then she will certainly follow through. What drives this beast to do these things? Why does Red-queen remain a target? Well now, that is the mystery isn't it?
"Trouble makers never change, Nepenthe. Trouble makers never change."
Not many are aware of Idunnr's history and those who do don't live very long. She's ruthless, often mistaken for a demon. However it wasn't always this way and despite what many people think Idunnr has a soft side.