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Level 59 Mirialan Jedi Consular Sage
Played by Dart
Primary Profession
Shaax is usually seen wearing a cloak and no pants, why no pants? Well pants only slow you down. As for her physical appearance, she has yellow eyes and aterrible scarred face, her skin is deep black, blacker than the night some say.

Through the force one finds peace

Studying medicine, kicking Imperial ass, defying Republic generals, and yoga.
Shaax does the best she can when she can, she's a healer by nature or so she assumes. She has no remeberance of her past, she only knows of the last six months.
"Moving forward is my only chance to see the past"
Shaax awoke six months ago bloodied and bruised without a clue of who she is or where she was. Thankfully she was found by a kind jedi who took her in and quickly found out she was skilled in the use of the force. After being put through the paces at Tython she quickly became a Jedi, still with no idea of who she really is she pushes forward hoping to uncover the past.