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Level 31 Cyborg Smuggler Gunslinger
Played by Dart
Primary Profession

If there aren't credits in it then it's not worth it

Smuggling alcohol and spice, hunting various bounties, excorting various people, and spending evenings at a local nightclub.
Drakcol is your typical Smuggler, he smuggles goods, he's all about the credits, but unlike most he has an urge to see blood, he has a dark side and it prevails over him though he tries his best to control it.
"It's party time!"
"If your not first your last"
"I'm in it for the credits the added violence is just a bonus"
Drakcol used to be a nice guy working at a regular 9 to 5 job so he could support his family. However about 5 years ago the unspeakable happened, suspected of illegal acts he was arrested without a trial. A year later he escaped however when he returned to his home he found his family had died of an illness, an illness that is easily cureable if they had the money but with him being in jail they had none of that. Now out for a bit of revenge he's smuggling goods to the Imperial army.