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Level 65 Cyborg Trooper Commando
Played by Red-Queen
Primary Profession
Secondary Profession
Used Speeder Salesperson
Red hair, 'average' build, cybernetic implants, eyepatch over left eye
Born on Corellia, Alice escaped the city at 18 to explore the galaxy. After finding out it wasn't always a fun, exciting adventure, she realized the terrible mistake she had made. Found in a dangerous situation in an alley, she was taken off of the streets by Vash Kantarus, the leader of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. Under Vash's care, Alice learned everything there was to know about space piracy. With the passing of Vash Kantarus, Alice inherited leadership of the Red Dragons and took on the alias of Red-Queen. Not long after, a sith infiltrated the syndicates headquarters and overthrew the leadership in the name of the Empire. With few options left, Red decided to lead the rest of her men to the Republic.