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Level 65 Mirialan Trooper Vanguard
Played by Dart
Primary Profession
Secondary Profession


Andartà was always seen sporting a black robe some say to hide her true identity others say it is to hide the hideous reminder of her dark side doings, not many know for sure. Beyond this she wears the typical Republic Solider attire.

That was until the incident where she became paralyzed. After extensive cybernetic work she regained control of her now robotic limbs. She now looks half droid half mirialan woman.

From Ashes The Strong Will Rise

Polishing her rifle, Target practice, Explosions testing, and harmonica playing.
Once an orphan on Coruscant she quickly became a leader of the underground world. Andartà is now a bounty hunter under the employ of the Space Cowboys.
"Nothing quite like Correllian whiskey to soothe the soul"
"Some secrets are best left untold"
Andarta grew up in the lower levels of Coruscant, she lost her parents at a very young age and was living off the streets. As you would expect Andarta fell into a bad crowd, at age ten she was rolling with the Black Sun crew, because of her small size she quickly became an asset and became an expert thief. Andarta was a natural born leader and as such she quickly rose in rank by the time she was 17 she was a Black Sun gang leader, unfortunately that was short lived. One month after her 18th birthday she had planned the biggest heist of her career, she was to steal an ancient Jedi artifact, this artifact would make her rich beyond her wildest dreams, she would finally be able to get out of the constant gang warfare. It was all planned so perfectly except for one thing ....

The heist went according to plan, however her gang members turned on her and took the artifact for themselves leaving her stranded surrounded by troopers. She fought them the best she could, Andarta isn't one to give up, but in the end her efforts proved unsuccessful. She was held captive by the troopers interrogating her as to the whereabouts of this priceless artifact, Andarta gave them all the information she could after all it was her gang members that turned on her she certainly didn't hold any loyalty to them after that.

So how did Andarta become a trooper? Well it went something like this. There she was sitting in the interrogation room praying she wouldn't spend the rest of her days behind bars when the police officers were beckoned out of the room. An officer with brillant red hair was speaking to them as the door slowly shut. Andarta having been trained in the underworld for such a long time could tell a fake from a mile away, the brillant red head was up to something but what Andarta could never know. After a few moments painfully went by the officers returned into the room. The tallest of the two only said two words “Your free” Andarta heart leapt with joy she couldn't believe her luck, she was free to go.

Being as cautious as possible to not give them reason to keep her longer she crept out of the police station upon which she was confronted by the Red head. “I hear your the best they have on Coruscant … I wasn't really expecting to find you in the there” she motions to the police station. Andarta angrily replied “If it hadn't been the low life scum I called a team this would never had happened, I can't believe they gave me up like that!” The red haired lady looked into Andarta's green eyes and said “That's why I'm hear. Have you heard of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate?” Andarta lost her breathe, was she really standing in front of the RedQueen? The infamous leader of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate? Was this really her opportunity to get off this rock? All Andarta could muster was a simple “Yes” to which RedQueen replied “Well I've been looking to expand my team and I hear your the best on Coruscant” Andarta being modest said “Well, I wouldn't say best but I try my damnest to do the best I can” Red quickly replied “Well, if you want off this rock the ship leaves at noon tomorrow” Andarta not one to let opportunities slip by commented “Why wait so long? I hear there's plenty of stuff to do and things to steal”

All was going so well … until Idunnr showed up. After being betrayed once again by Idunnr, Andarta and Red decided to get revenge. The best option they had to do so was to join the military, they quickly moved up the ranks and soon after formed the Space Cowboys.