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Level 65 Twi'lek Jedi Knight Guardian
Played by Dart
Primary Profession
Secondary Profession


A thin yellow twi-lek.
Practicing with her lightsabers.
Losing at Pazaak.
Her earliest memories are of being a slave on hutta. She doesn't know if her folks are dead or alive or even if they were the ones that sold her to slavery. Luckily she wasn't a slave for very long and was quickly 'rescued' by a Jedi master. However, the Jedi master wasn't much better. He was quite fond of alcohol and his 'teachings' would become quite abusive when under the influence. Around the age of 10-11, unsure because the character herself doesn't know her own age, she failed her trials on purpose so she could escape the world of Jedis. Essentially to such a young child she thought the world was set against her and she wanted to run away from it all.

Thankfully it wasn't too long after this that she ran into Red and became a member of the Space Cowboys. Though it happened in a sorta funny way. Aleus was trying to con Red into buying over priced garbage with force persuade. It of course didn't work on Red making for quite an awkward moment.

Aleus now aged somewhere around 21 has spent the last 10-11 years with the Space Cowboys. She has seen them as their best and at their worst but to her what matters most is the the Space Cowboys are her adopted family, a place where she finally fits in/belongs.

Things Aleus doesn't like
- Alcohol, due to obvious reasons with her abusive Jedi master
- Unnecessary cruelty, she has a sensitive heart and tends to over empathize with others. So to her if you abuse someone it feels, to her, like you are abusing her directly.
- Killing, while she understands that it is sometimes required she hates when it happens and will do everything else before having to kill herself.
- Cursing, doesn't much mind when others do it but she refused to partake in such nonsense

Things Aleus does like
- Kindness, all forms of it. As such she prefers taking jobs where she is helping people vs punishing / capturing people.
- Practicing with her lightsabers, she loves the state of zen she can get into when practicing. It's almost therapeutic to her.
- Her guild and guildmates, as mentioned before the guild is her home and her guildmates are her family so she'll do just about anything for it/them

Things to note
- She stutters / is anxious around authority figures, this includes Kiy. She doesn't quite know why she becomes so nervous but it may be linked to her Jedi Master, who she had one time looked up to but then was abused/used by.
- She has a rather nasty scar on her face but doesn't remember how it happened. As far as she knows it's always been there.
- She found her light sabers bv a fallen jedi on Correlia. She felt drawn to them as if they were leading her to them. So she has a very strong connection to them and is almost always seen wearing them.