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Level 37 Mirialan Jedi Knight Guardian
Played by Arisydo
Primary Profession


Short black hair, lime skin, youthful slender build, her tattooed face usually holding a deadpan expression, her body covered by a DG-4C prototype bodysuit she "borrowed" from some criminals
Arisydo Ora was a force sensitive Mirialan born in the slums of Nar Shaddaa to a single mother Viete Ora. Viete died not long after giving birth leading Arisydo to blame herself for "killing" her mother. Once her force abilities became apparent her sister Jedi Knight Kaia Ora tried to convince her to join the jedi. Arisydo was hesitant at first but she soon caved and so began her training. She was a natural with a blade easily passing all her trials, her force ability wasnt as proficient but she learned to make due with what abilities she had. After passing the initiate trials Arisydo was given the rank of padawan and her sister appointed as her master. The decision didnt go over well with the council they felt that two sisters as master and padawan could only lead to trouble, however grandmaster Satele Shan approved of it. The two sisters worked well together with almost perfect synergy, it had seemed Satele had made the right call, until one mission. The two sisters had been called to investigate a distress beacon, upon arriving at the beacon they found nothing, not a single person as far as the eye could see. Kaia told Arisydo to stay alert, "GET EM" a shout from the back alley the distress beacon was a trap. Seven men all with blasters drawn stood before the two sisters, it was the same group that the sisters busted a month ago this was vengence. "Predictable jedi you always come running." The leader of the gang taunted and laughed. "Go on boys, Gun em down." Blasters blazed and bolts hailed, Kaia jumped infront of her sister taking nearly ten bolts to the chest Arisydo watched as her sister was cut down. Rage and sorrow filled the young mirialan charged forth saber drawn, in a flash the gang was cut down one by one until only the leader remained. "Wha..what are you!" The leader shook with fear of the invincible jedi standing before him, without a word Arisydo charged the man slicing his left arm off, then his right leg, as the gangster falls to the ground Arisydo pins him. "mercy please!" The gangster begs for his life, Arisydo stares at the pitiful man for a while before stabbing her saber right through his heart then stabbing him in the chest nine more times. ten stabs for ten bolts.


Arisydo's relationship with the jedi was strained after that incident, she became angry and untrusting. "Be calm padawan anger and vengeance lead to the dark side" Satele lectured Arisydo, sensing her rage. "How can you be so unfeeling" Arisydo barked. "There is no emotion, there is peace" Satele replied. Arisydo merely returned an angry glare.

=Present Day=

Arisydo is now 17 years old, she left the jedi order to become a vigilante who hunts murderers and executes them. Donning a "borrowed" prototype armored bodysuit and wielding a saber given to her by Satele as a parting gift.