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  Kiy: hiiii shinxuga :D
  Kiy: hiiii gestas
  Gestas: this thing still alive?
  Kambria: Woooow! Hi, Shin!!!
  Shinxuga: Hey folks... I'm a member from 1-2 years ago and I'd love to get an invite back into the guild. If you can invite and see Shinxuga around, I'd love an invite! My schedule is random so I usually search for a Cowboy who's online and ask... Thanks!
  Zall: blarg?
  Plia'nevai: Kam! =)
  Kambria: Plia! <3
  Plia'nevai: Having a bad time today. Gonna try to make it tonight but.... Bleh
  Rixen/Dumeera: Not sure, still trying to figure things out :( Got an appointment with the regular vet tomorrow morning.
  Plia'nevai: oh no! is everything ok?
  Rixen/Dumeera: I'm at the emergency vet rn so I won't be home in time for the ops sorry ya'll
  Dart: Just got my vr headset yesterday and my sister is having her baby today so I probably won't be around much until at least Monday.
  Sirr: Plia's steam account was temporarily stolen. We're not sure it's related, but it's possible. Likely, even.
  Dart: Thanks jay. It took months last time to get that song out of my head.
  Jaynathus: The grind, it never ends.....
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