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  Kiy: guild meeting 3/5 8p EST
  Kiy: update: it was delicious.
  Dart: /r/im14andthisisfunny
  Zall: So Kiy just said she'll eat Red's pie lmao
  Plia'nevai: Double XP and CXP start in the morning
  Kiy: yuuuuup
  Kambria: Fans: ... Wha?
  Kambria: Devs: "But only one boss at a time. LOL"
  Kambria: Fans: YEEEEEEEEEEEY
  Kambria: Devs: "New operation!"
  Kiy: unlikely to be at prog tonight, kam has come and attacked us again! most likely all four of us will be out
  Jaynathus: I suspect the changes will make people happiER but might not be enough to bring back people who were annoyed by the initial changes anyways
  Kambria: Perhaps you'll see an uptick after 5.1 with gearing changes? I doubt it personally but the chance is there. I think my sub finally expired.
  Bribri: The game kinda feels empty since 5.0
  Plia'nevai: Snow storm took out my internet, trying to get back on before modnight ops but might not happen. At least I have my phone internet to waste time on
  Ellowyne (Markelly): Happy New Year everyone :)
  Bribri: Happy New Years Cowboys!
  Kiy: T^T
  Bribri: Why does 2016 have to do this? Why can't it just end? Rest in Peace Carrie Fisher.
  Kambria: I'll be over here crying noisily.
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