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  Annwyn: Hello I am Kim Jong Un, and I'd like to endorse Trump for president.
  Dart: Right, right. Not repressive at all. *starts walking to the kitchen*
  Kiy: pfffft. am not repressive. now go back to the kitchen, where men belong.
  Dart: And here I was thinking we might actually have progress on the civil rights front. But no. The repressive dictator is back in power. Tis a shame.
  Kiy: on a completely unrelated note, has anyone seen bribri? I was hoping to try him for treason, but gosh, he sure is hard to pin down!
  Kiy: welp. ann bought me game time, so the rebellion succeeded; am still gm.
  Bribri: Kiy is a traitor and a rascal. Now that the original government is back in power, all who oppose us will be punished severely.
  Rixen/Dumeera: CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!
  Annwyn: I pledge alliegence to the Kiy liberation party, down with the Red pretender!
  Dart: I mean everyone alreayd knows Kiy is the worst ... so phase 2 complete?
  Plia'nevai: Shit, I need to get cracking on that!
  Bribri: Red, Phase 1 is complete: Kiy has abdicated. It's time for Phase 2: Turn the population against the former leader. I'll get the guillotine ready for Phase 3.
  Kiy: temporarily abdicating to red-queen again; unable to keep my sub going and don't want the guild to suffer for it :) nothing changes tho
  Kiy: seems so!
  Ellowyne (Markelly): Ya'll gonna farm KP HM this week? Markelly could use a gearing run for prog purposes.
  Annwyn: I filed a missing aggro report with my police deparment but they told me to tell the tank. Amber alert, missing aggro.
  Souri: tauntaun herders are the nicest
  Kambria: Kiy kiy. <3
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