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  Zall: FF14 FTW
  Dart: I have no interest in it's world.
  Dart: I gave it a shot but tera is still very much meh for me.
  Bribri: next time i need help imma make the hw thread i got u iton
  Bribri: what is space whale
  Annwyn: What is cloud mind
  I'ton: Bribri Post and I know i'l atleast try and help you... but in return i get to post mine too. lol
  Zall: Tauntaun Herders kicked me from a ops once, just because I kept stealing aggro from the tank. With the bubble mind you XD
  Plia'nevai: Is anyone else having problems with SWTOR being a bitch and kicking them every time they try to log in?
  Plia'nevai: Yay! I like the TaunTaun Herders they are always so nice. =)
  Annwyn: Tauntaun is great!
  Kiy: New alliance formed with the TaunTaun Herders :) they can be found in /cjoin Cowboys with all our other allies.
  Bribri: Maybe I should make a thread where I can post my HW and you guys can help me
  Bribri: I have to do a biography speech on Nelson Mandela. Speeches are hard enough, but I don't know what to include in it :(
  Annwyn: Screw the election, I just wanna see Palpatine elected and make SWTOR mandatory with new raids every month.
  Annwyn: I am sure Tera is the funnest thing ever. It is sad though, to get on and nobody else be on.
  I'ton: what does it have to be on lol
  Rixen/Dumeera: Oh hell no. Sorry, and good luck.
  Bribri: It's public speaking :(
  Rixen/Dumeera: Is it math? I like math.
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