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  Bribri: The game kinda feels empty since 5.0
  Plia'nevai: Snow storm took out my internet, trying to get back on before modnight ops but might not happen. At least I have my phone internet to waste time on
  Ellowyne (Markelly): Happy New Year everyone :)
  Bribri: Happy New Years Cowboys!
  Kiy: T^T
  Bribri: Why does 2016 have to do this? Why can't it just end? Rest in Peace Carrie Fisher.
  Kambria: I'll be over here crying noisily.
  Dart: Carrie Fisher died this morning. She is now one with the force.
  Plia'nevai: MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  Kambria: Merry Christmas, Cowboys!
  Kiy: omg yesss
  Ellowyne (Markelly): WTB Kephess companion + romance.
  Bribri: Can't wait for 6.0: Knights of the Eternal Kephess
  Ellowyne (Markelly): Hey guys. Check out my new post on Crafting. Let me know what you want and mail me the mats ;)
  Kiy: yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  Dart: Some faith has been restored.
  Kambria: Jay, just so you know, I've played game several times and enjoyed it! Working on some upgrades so I can hopefully make it further!
  Plia'nevai: Gratz Jay!
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